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    B Unanswered: Who Leaps Forward in 2017?

    It's that time of year again.

    Which players take a big leap forward in 2017? Last season, myself and many others predicted that guys like Breeland and Matt Jones would be the players to take their games to the next level. Those were reasonable expectations. But of all the guys mentioned in last year's guesses, only Jamison Crowder lived up to the pre-season hype - just as McD5 tried to tell us.

    So let's try and do better this time around, huh?

    Who exceeds expectations and makes a big leap forward in 2017.

    The Oracle must know.
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    You ain't bonafide

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    Florida State


    There are so many great candidates this year. I can name six. I'm just not sure which is the favorite yet.
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    Thank you Jay Gruden. Multiple Superbowl appearances on deck.



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