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    Default WPC: The revolution is over


    The revolution is over

    By John Pappas
    Warpath Confidential Editor

    The Washington Redskins will hold a press conference today to officially announce Mike Shanahan as their new head coach. Fans could not be more thrilled.

    And why shouldn’t they be? After all, they are the people most responsible for his hire. In fact, the fans are responsible for a lot of stuff lately at Redskins Park.

    The revolution started in 2008 during the last coaching search, when word leaked that Jim Fassel was set to be named head coach following the retirement of Joe Gibbs. Fans were less than thrilled. After the expectations of a return to glory with legendary coach Gibbs went unfulfilled, they were in no mood to settle for a coach they considered a retread. They wanted something new, something innovative.

    It began as message board rants and commiseration. It spread to callers to radio shows and responses to newspaper articles, until it became fodder for the shows and articles themselves.

    At its peak, fan dissatisfaction was almost universal and being expressed in every medium available. At the time we had heard Fassel was definitely the guy, and the job was his. But no announcement came and it soon become obvious that Fassel would not get the job. A few week later the team announced the hiring of Jim Zorn, and a victory for the fans.

    Click the link above to read the entire article...
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