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Game 12 - Philly. No biggie. Just a season in the balance ...

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    B Redskins Recon - The Eagles:Second Time Around

    OK, it's the Eagles again-and between the two teams the Redskins have been having the better time of it. Eagles fans know it and it shows in their comments.

    And there are very few of those.

    Very few give Philly much of a chance in this game-no matter what Vegas oddsmakers are saying right at the moment.


    We should spoil the Foreskins season next week
    Not sure if Pedo will have them ready? No reason this team shouldn't be all geeked up to stomp them.


    and welcome back DJax with a helmet to helmet hit too?


    We want him intact for next year.

    The fact that the opening Las Vegas line was a pick-'em did not escape notice.


    That's a surprise.

    They must think this team of tin men have heart.

    I expect this to go up to Was -2 by kickoff.

    On another note, the football gods are on to me. My string of betting the other side to ensure an Eagles win was stopped at six. (selectively used over the last few years) I thought I had them fooled and that their focus on damning my picks would have back doored an Eagles win. Didn't happen Sunday.

    It would be nice to get a win and prove that there is hope that we aren't the least in the east. They better. If they play bad at home, they will boo the shit out of them.

    56 years and counting.....

    The Franchise

    At this point I consider the team checked out for the year. A pick'em line is ridiculous, against a tough Washington team fighting for a playoff spot.


    I agree. Also the Skins tend to matchup well with the Eagles.

    And, of course, some score predictgions popped up.


    Redskins 26

    Eagles 20

    Though this does - if the team hasn't quit - smell like a trap game for Washington. Get a couple drinks in me come noon on Sunday, this prediction could flip......


    23-22 Eagles.


    23-22 Redskins.


    This a tough call, I go back and forth.

    30-21 Skins


    Redskins 26 Eagles 17


    skins....like gb...a bad matchup for us. their d is awfuk but we have just what ails them in our O. and their offense can score on anyone. if we got beaten handily with everything on the line last year in this matchup i can only imagine this will be worse. 30 to 14.


    skins- 27

    birds- 20

    carson airmails a few on yet another failed final drive attempt. the legacy continues.

    The first drive of this season was awesome.


    Skins are still playing for something, Eagles mailed it in after Seattle. Im just hoping to not have another non competitive game


    Even if they hadn't quit on doug, I don't see how this game is competitive. Again, they played their hearts out for the division title last year and still couldn't come close to stopping Washington. So I don't see how they will fare any better playing for nothing but pride. I think they could try their hardest and play well and still not hold Washington under 30. So unless you see this offense scoring more than 30 I don't see a way for a possible win (or really a close game even).


    Reed will be out, but then again, Bengals didn't have Greene and that didn't matter at all.

    No matter what, there's always at least one optimist....




    Ok, Skins, time to get back on track with a win.

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    I'm giving it a 2-4 year window. Looking for improvement in all areas. Redskins, you're on the clock.

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    Thanks, serv.

    Beyond weird to see Philly Phan so beaten down ... AND to see the Redskins viewed as "tough" and able to "score on anyone" and likely to come into Philly and roll the locals. The web hadn't been invented last time things were thus.

    Skins better sure as hell show up. I'm thinking any realistic shot at the playoffs ends with a third straight loss and fall to .500 with three games to go. I put this one squarely on how the defense plays in the second half Sunday. The last few games we have been a no-show defensively after halftime. That simply can't happen again--not against a team going nowhere and a rookie QB who's gotten shakier as their season has slipped away.
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    Agree Om.

    Gibbs, back in the day, always expected tough games regardless of where either team was at....every game, every opponent and always had his guys 'ready'.

    Hoping that a 'fresh' Trent sparks the O line enough to up their game to get some run going along with a determined Kirk.

    Hard to figure out what's up with the D but those third and longs have got to be stopped to give our O more chances.
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