This week very nearly saw our very first perfect week in 8 years of competition. redskins26 ran up a 14-1 record in Week 13, a Lions win the only pick to spoil it for him. In a 2 way tie for 2nd, DieselPwr44 and Boone were 12-3 on the week. Rounding out our top 10 for the week were McD5, Toast20622, micks113, DixieFlatline, JohnssBass, China, and Yusuf06.

On the season, it's micks113 holding on to a slim 1 game lead over Boone and Posse Lover. Rounding out the top 10 for the season are IronMike, redskins26, Ax, Jimbo, DieselPwr44, MisterPinstripe, and JohnssBass. There are at least 20 players within striking distance of the leaders as we enter the last quarter of the season and playoffs to come. No one is out of it!

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Good luck in week 14 everyone!