With the lack of relevancy the Redskins have endured for nearly 2 decades, the Rivalry that once was so great has only remained a rivalry in the minds of those old enough to remember it with vigor. Millennials have never experienced the true disdain and visceral emotions felt during Redskins/Cowboys game week. Never enjoyed the true thrill of victory imbued by the defeat of a real Rival. Truth be told though, it's been a one sided Rivalry for far too long. Living amongst the reprobates as I have these past 20 some odd years, I have witnessed the unfortunate reality that fans of that other team no longer consider it much of a rivalry. Irrelevance will do that too you. You live in the dreams of the past while others largely ignore you or pass you off as a comedic shell of your former self. That is about to change. The cosmic forces have aligned and we find our team and theirs at a point of renewal. Young offenses, with potential franchise Quarterbacks. Offensive lines giving time for passing and lanes for running. Both defenses in need of some help, but with Offenses rising, it will only be an offseason or two before those defensive woes settle for both. We are faced with 5+ years of high quality, potent NFC East action compliments of our most beloved and most hated teams. We will witness tomorrow, a clash of the new Titans. Moving the East from Least back to the Beast. Other Divisions, that other conference, will fear the path through us. And in the midst of that, we will witness the renewal of the greatest NFL Rivalry. Our Washington Redskins and those Dallas Cowboys will meet on the gridiron, and all will appreciate what so many of us have longed for. Tomorrow the real Renewal begins. Hail!!