On the injury report:
"Injury report is pretty clean.”

On the decision to go for it on fourth-and-one and the two two-point conversions:
“The fourth-and-one was pretty simple. It was half a yard and the wind was pretty strong in our face. Thought our offensive line was getting pretty good movement [and] we’d get a half a yard with the quarterback sneak play. Going for two was, you know, you saw the wind. That’s why.”

On if he had a sense of an offensive explosion in this game:
“We feel good about our personnel, that’s for sure. We just feel like we needed to put it together and it was good to see him do that. There were some key third down plays—[Jamison] Crowder’s. Jordan Reed had a couple of big third downs. Kirk [Cousins] had a big scramble and hit Chris Thompson on the sideline for that third down. Those are the ones that are most memorable—that keep drives alive and enable you to have an offensive performance like we had. Big third down conversions, big plays, but overall a good balance by the offense.”

On if he was surprised with QB Kirk Cousins’ accuracy on the deep balls against the wind:
“Yeah, especially in the fourth quarter. I don’t know how he did it. The one to Pierre [Garçon] was a 70-yard touchdown. I don’t think I could throw the ball 10 yards into that thing, but he spun it. He’s always been able to knife a ball through the wind, really. He’s been a good quarterback in the rain and wind. He has a really good release and a good feel for it. So that one and the deep one to [Jamison] Crowder to the one-yard line was another great throw.”

On to what he attributes Cousins playing with poise on big third-down plays:
“I think a little bit of that and I think a little bit of receivers making big plays and then the confidence that he has in them to let it go and seeing coverages and a good week of practice. There’s a combination of a lot of things, but it starts with the offensive line. I mean, you’re blocking Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers. Ty Nsekhe and Morgan Moses did a great job. [Brandon] Scherff, [Shawn] Lauvao, and Spencer [Long] – unbelievable job protecting the quarterback. Gave him time to step up and throw those balls down the field. Those plays take a little bit of time to develop and they had to take time.”

On preventing a bad series from becoming a bad quarter:
"I hope so, you know that’s football. The other team is going to make some plays, which can make it look like we’re not making any plays. Aaron Rodgers is a great player and we just have to keep working and we’ve learned that these games are going to be close and we have to keep battling and keep competing and handle adversity. I think we’ve got a group that’s pretty resilient, but we’re going to have to continue to be. We’ve got a tough schedule with the Cowboys again in about 80 hours.”

On using RB Robert Kelley during the game:
“I think number one, we thought he deserved an opportunity, and when he got an opportunity, nobody really knew exactly what was going to happen on a Sunday afternoon with him getting a ball. We had high hopes because we saw what he was doing in practice, but we’re not live tackling the practice effort. We saw him in the preseason games but to see what he does with the pads on, well, it’d be tough to get him out of there now. He’s a strong back, has great vision and runs extremely hard, so we’re thrilled to death. He’s just got to keep working like everyone else.”

On his assessment of the defense during the second half:
“I think they played flat out good. We missed a couple, we had some opportunities off the field, some third downs, [Aaron Rodgers] made some great throws but we blew a couple coverages there. The long touchdown to [James Starks] we had a coverage mix up there and that can’t happen. Overall we rushed hard, flushed them out of pocket a little, but I liked the way they played.”

On opportunities for deep throws:
“That was part of the plan. Last year we played them we had a few shots we didn’t convert on, but the difference in wins and losses is hitting some real shot plays.”

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