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Game 12 - Philly. No biggie. Just a season in the balance ...

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    B Redskins Recon - The Packers: Bad Times in Green Bay

    Boy are Packers fans in a bad place! Crappy record-for them-just got blown out by the Titans, ARod's seriously off his feed, their D has been less than hoped for, injuries galore and the fans are shell-shocked.

    Fire McCarthy! Fire Capers! Fire TT! Fire somebody! posts are all over the place. Whew!

    They're not even sure they'll win against the Skins either. Some think maybe yes, some think we'll be the "turnaround game"-others expect yet another loss.

    2017 draft prospect threads are in almost every fan board.

    Green Bay fandom is not a happy place right now.


    Hopefully Clay, Damarious and Jared Cook are ready to roll. The Washington football team has been playing well lately. They will be without Trent Williams.

    Time for us to put a game together. I will say 27-23 Packers


    PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2016 10:40 am Post subject: Reply with quote
    This is either the game where the levy breaks and the Packers get absolutely destroyed to the tune of 38-10, or it's the game where the Packers get their confidence back and go on a run. This game is going to be a turning point in the history of the Packers one way or another. With 6 losses and five games against teams fighting for playoff spots left on the schedule, this Packer team would very realistically be headed for a bottom ten finish and a top ten draft pick.

    However, with a road victory over a really good team, the Packers might draw their collective butts out of their collective heads or vice versa and become a dark horse playoff team.


    This was supposed to be the Indy game. Then it was supposed to be the Tenn game. Now it's the Washington game? After we lose this week, is the Philly game when we turn it around? This team is downright BAD right now. It's not a fluke or an aberration. This is who we are. Right now, GB would struggle to beat the 0-10 Browns on the road. We are a bottom 10 team.

    I'm still going to root like hell this week because mathematically we are still in it and my fandom won't let me give up yet, but the realist in me says 34-17 Washington and it will hopefully put us one step closer to ridding ourselves of our staff. While we all want to win as fans, the worst thing on Earth for this team moving forward would be to finish 8-8 and not make changes at the top. Pretty much puts me on opposite ends of the spectrum, either give me 10-6 and a division title or 4-12 with a nice draft pick and a new coach/GM, nothing in-between. please.


    @ESPNMichele 2m2 minutes ago
    McCarthy: "You have to run the football" -- Packers have dropped back to pass on 71.4% of plays, 2nd highest in the league this season


    defense has turned into a dumpster fire the past month. Washington has a lot of weapons on offense. Not feeling good about this one


    Need Matthews and Randall back. At some point it would be nice to get Shields back too. Just hope he is better.

    Here's probably the most pessimistic Packers fan I found


    Skins drop 40+


    If you have any Redskins on your fantasy team, well play them.


    I would never pick against my Packers. This is a must win game if we are going to do anything this year. We can win this division 9-7 most likely so it's not impossible to make something happen. But this team needs to pull it's head out of it's butt.

    We need to get after Mr."You like that!" we haven't gotten a spark of pass rush in 3 weeks, Nick Perry, Peppers, and Clay(If he's back)etc. needs to have the best game of their season to help out our secondary big time.

    We need to also control the clock on offense, can't go 3 and out on our first series. Need to start fast.

    Most importantly, we can't let this game turn in the Redskins favor early just like the Colts and Titans did, everyone needs to do their job on defense.

    I think we'll win 27-20. I would really like to see us move the ball like we did against the Bears again, it seems like with the offensive players we have now, the quick offense works very very well, and we got away from that.


    34 31. Washington.


    Considering what Walker just did to us, the Skins should just target Reed and Davis all day long.


    I wonder if our DBs will stop giving 8 yard cushions to wrs and let them run their routes undisrupted. How about run some press coverage since it works so well for other teams ?


    Might as well. Let them score even faster lol. We have crap pass rush too. That's the issue. And we can't trust bum corners to press and play on the island. We don't have the talent right now.


    I'll probably be going to the game. What a time to possibly be missing both Lang and Bakhtiari.

    There's a chance DeSean Jackson might be back for next week. With he and Reed in (as well as Crowder and Garçon), I don't know how I expect the Packers to stop their offense unless they get major reinforcements back on D.

    Trent Williams served his first game of his suspension, but the Vikings only sacked Cousins once. That can't be good for the Packers.


    38-28 Redskins


    No confidence in this team right now, I will expect losses until they prove they can win and frequently.

    Jordan Reed could have a field day, though I am not sure he is 100% right now. He may not need to be to crush this team.


    Backs against the wall I think we pull this one out. 35-33 Packers


    I am generally an optimist when it comes to the Packers, but I have absolutely no faith in McCarthy to make the changes necessary for this roster to succeed. He's as much to blame as Rodgers is for not taking what the defense gives him. On top of our offensive issues, our defense is playing horrible and they look like they've given up on Capers.

    Washington 35
    Green Bay 27

    Remember hearing the phrase "Never kick someone when they're down"? Well, that doesn't work here-Beat the Pack, Skins!

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    I'm giving it a 2-4 year window. Looking for improvement in all areas. Redskins, you're on the clock.

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    I've seen and heard that kinda stuff around Redskins Nation not too long ago.

    Time for our boys to put them out of their misery and send 'em 'packing' back to the bay with a loss.

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    "Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting." ~ Joyce Meyer



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