On the injury report:
"The only injuries of note: Morgan Moses re-injured his ankle but he came back in the game. He was OK. Vernon [Davis] just landed on the ball. Flattened the ball but his abs are okay.”

On the urgency coming into this game:
“I think that’s going to be the case from here on out, quite frankly. I don’t think you ever step into a football game without urgency, otherwise you get beat. And that’s a good football team we beat. Hats off to the Vikings and Coach [Mike] Zimmer. It was a great game. But, yeah, every game that we play, we have to come out with urgency, and they did today. We started out great. They came back like we knew they would, but we answered the bell again and got the win.”

On the defense’s performance:
“At the end of the half we weren’t very happy, weren’t very pleased. But [we] shut them out in the second half and that’s big. And the big drive at the end of the game to get the stop – Preston Smith with the sack, Preston’s interception, back-to-back series. So it was huge. Credit the defense. They did a great job hanging with us, sticking with the plan and not getting too down on each other. Making good, sound tackles and did a good job.”

On LB Preston Smith’s performance:
“We’ve been riding Preston pretty hard, quite frankly. We’ve all expected so much from Preston because he’s such a big, good-looking player. Today he answered the bell, he really did. We expected a big second half from Preston, Ryan [Kerrigan], and the whole defense, but Preston showed up in a big way. Those were two huge plays for us. I think he had two sacks and an interception. So it’s good to see him and hopefully that confidence carries over into the final seven games because we’re going to need him to keep playing like this.”

On the halftime message:
“We just had to keep our poise. I remind them every game this year, we’ve been leading and we’ve been trailing, and today’s no different. We just have to continue to handle the adversity, the adverse situations. We know that the teams that we play from here on out are going to be very, very good and they’re going to make their runs and we have to answer them. Today we did and that’s the big thing. Just stay focused, keep your poise and move onto the next play.”

On assessing the season:
“We’re assessing our team every week, but we don’t like to do those assessments until the season’s over, really. We’re just going to keep grinding, and now it’s on to Green Bay, quite frankly. We’ll enjoy this game for about five or six hours, but then we’ve got to focus on Green Bay. We’ll do our assessments later on. But I like where we are, I like where we’re going. We just have to keep working and keep pushing these guys because we can do a lot better.”

On the team’s overall progress:
“We’ve given up some plays, but I really like the way these guys play. It’s a great effort. The guys are stepping up to fill in for crucial players. A lot of guys are stepping up, everybody’s pitching in and doing their part, whether it’s one catch or five catches. Whether it’s one tackle or five tackles, everyone’s pitching in and doing their part.”

On playing without T Trent Williams and WR DeSean Jackson:
“We do miss those players without a doubt. The guys that played I’m very happy for, proud of the way they came and competed. It wasn’t too big for them and they made plays.”

On RB Robert Kelley:
“He’s fun to watch, and he’s going to get better and better. I’m very excited for his progress as a young, new player and we’re excited about what’s to come.”

On QB Kirk Cousins’ emotions in the game and the potential pass interference call:
“He thought he saw something, but it’s good. Kirk played a lot of plays today, he played with a lot of energy, he played with a lot of passion and he always does. He just keeps within himself. We hear it on the sidelines from time to time, he just doesn’t show his emotions, that’s a rare occurrence. But I love the way he played and competed. He did a great job.”

On his offensive approach following the interception:
“We tried to score. We weren’t too conservative. Our first and second down, we run the ball, maybe use our timeouts, third down we tried to pass. I think Everson Griffen had a great pass rush and Kirk [Cousins] did an excellent job there of – instead of throwing it away – taking the sack, and making them use their timeouts, which was very important.”

On how scoring in the red zone on the first drive set the offensive tone for the game:
“They were going to get their stops without a doubt, and they did in the next two possessions of the half, but I think we had some crucial grabs. We ate up a lot of clock, we got field goals but not touchdowns, but in close games like this, in defensive battles, field goals are important and hats off to Dustin Hopkins, he made some big-time kicks. We knew he wouldn’t have any issues there.”

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