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    B Redskins Recon - The Vikings: Fallen on Hard Times?

    Man, starting the season hot as a firecracker at 5-0 and then losing 3 games in a row to teams you really shouldn't have lost to can really mess with your head.

    This is the state of Minnesota Viking fandom. Shell-shocked, angry disappointed but to an extent defiantly optimistic among some and despairing among others.

    And, of course, not at all sure they can beat the Redskins Sunday.

    And they are now operating without Norv Turner bless their litle hearts. {sarcasm alert if you were wondering}

    Not a lot of comments but you can detect the angst.


    I have a feeling that maybe Zimmer knows Gruden offense very well being in Cincy with him for a few years. Sort of like what Philly did to Bradford's tells. Also the Redskins are not a strong running team which plays into Zimmer's hands. AND they are without their LT Trent Williams. The Vikings have a decent shot here.


    Road game in Washington is a tough spot to get the ball rolling again. Let's hope for the best!

    One predict the score thread shows just how bad the losing streak has unsettled Vikes fans.


    The Vikings are on a three game skid and have looked noticeably worse on the road. The Redskins have had some issues of their own. The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows the Vikings winning by 3.

    Vikings 17
    Redskins 20


    Washington 27-19


    Vikings 17 Skins 24


    Vikings 24 washington 14


    Skins 33
    Vikings 13


    Redskins - 20
    Vikings - 13


    Washington 24

    Vikings 10

    Hope I am wrong but the Vikes seem to be in a downward spiral with an O that is one of the worst in the league.


    Vikings 27
    Redskins 17


    Vikings 10
    Washington 31


    37-13 Vikings!!!


    VIKINGS 21
    Skins 3

    As of 4 PM Thursday afternoon, the percentage of Vikes fans in this thread expecting a Redskins win stood at about 56%.


    weirdly, we're still half a game up in this pathetic division.

    we probably should win this game, but I wouldn't be surprised to see us lose again.

    If Zimmer wants to be recognized as a great coach, and be a 'tough' guy, you get this team out of a funk and start winning.

    I'll go ahead and say Washington wins 20-13 and we're all still wondering "what if" yet again...season after season.


    There is no reason to think we will win this one. We couldn't beat the 1-6 Bears, and we couldn't beat the Lions at home. We just aren't playing well.


    I have no idea how good Washington's D is but I expect a similar gameplan to what we saw on Sunday. Nice to see Treadwell get a catch and Johnson draw a DPI call. I thought Detroit was a must win, if this game isn't I'm not sure what is. Losing 4 in a row would be awful.


    It's going to come down to whether or not the defense can actually generate some pressure and force a couple of turnovers.

    And they can't let the opponent march down the field on a 10+ play, 11 minute drive.


    I'm pretty sure Kirk Cousins has a terrible record against winning teams correct? Zim Reapers have a gut check game and put Kirk in a blender.

    Shurmur called a good game, quick passes are a must and he gave Diggs/Patterson a shot at making plays. They build off of that and don't even look Norman's way.

    I also like how Zimmer has taken a more diplomatic/positive approach this week. As long as the game doesn't rely on Blair Walsh, Vikes win 20-17.


    The Skins is a team the Vikings match up well against. On offense the Vikings don't have to worry about a pass rush or a stout run defense. Blitz pickup will be important and Bradford can't throw lazy passes especially against Norman. Vikings defense main focus has to be on TE Reed and not allowing WR DJax to make big plays. The Redskin run game is very inconsistent and Cousins will throw passes that can be picked off. Goot to play a bend but don't break defense on Kirk as the field get smaller his decision making gets worse. Please watch out for the fade with Reed in the redzone. This is a must win game. Need a confidence boost win now

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    I'm giving it a 2-4 year window. Looking for improvement in all areas. Redskins, you're on the clock.

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    As always, national opinion molds the perception of most any team
    The Skins....
    "can't win against winning teams"
    "can't win on the road"
    "trash defense"
    "no running game"
    "no pass rush"

    All of these seem to be carry overs from the past perceptions, not saying some don't still hold some 'truth' but how about some fresh perceptions like 'can't defend the run' or 'can't score in the red zone'

    dc_vikingfan seems to be up to date tho.

    Thanks Serv, always enjoy these.
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    "Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting." ~ Joyce Meyer



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