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Game 12 - Philly. No biggie. Just a season in the balance ...

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    B Redskins Recon - The Lions: QBs and Defense

    The Lions are coming off two wins in a row with a hot Matt Stafford leading the way. Now the four-game-win-streak Redskins come to town to try to stop the Lions streak at two.

    How are Lions fans looking at this game? In a lot of ways, actually-some optimism, some pessimism, some uncertainty-the usual stuff.

    Like I have seen a lot recently they are expecting a tight game.

    They generally acknowledge two things-Stafford has been playing really well, and their defense hasn't.


    So far we've gotten Case Keenum, Marcus Mariota and Bryan Hoyer big-money contracts next offseason. Now it's Cousins' turn.
    If I'm trying to be neutral, I'd say I expect a shootout (again). I expect it to come down to QB play in the 4th quarter and last-minute stops for whoever has the ball last (again). We've gotten lucky on both counts the last two weeks in a row. As a long-suffering Lions fan, it's hard to be confident that we'll keep bailing ourselves out at the last minute week after week. I'd be thrilled to see it, but I'm not banking on it.
    What my brain says: both teams will run up and down the field all day and it will be a race to the end. Tossup.
    What my black Lions fan soul says: The injuries on D will be too tough to paper over, our offense is due for a letdown week, Washington will jump ahead early and we'll get run.


    I live in the DC area, but I'm a Lions fan. I told my co workers don't be surprised if we jump on you guys early and hard. Don't be surprised if the score at the half is 24 or 28 to 7. I also told them to not worry about it if that happens because we'll be sure to back off in a way you've never seen and by the 4th quarter the game should be pretty close. You guys might even have the lead.

    Be sure that Captain Kirk will finish the game looking like Peyton Manning. He'll have 300+ and 3-4 td's. Our pass defense is truly horrible. But we do have some play makers back there.

    You just better hope that our weapons don't get in a groove and for some weird reason we don't let off the gas in the second half. Things could get real ugly for you if that happens.

    My take. Lions 35 Foreskins 31.
    I ain't a brave man. But I ain't no coward either. We took our chances this far, I vote we keep it up.


    The Lions have one of the worst Defenses in the league.. Stafford's play is on a Elite level and the only reason why we have won 3 games..


    Im picking Washington to win the game, but I've also been picking against the Lions the last 2 weeks. My gut says that the Lions offense will struggle a bit more against Washington's defense, but Washington is going to manhandle our front. We give up almost 5ypc, and Washington's RB's are straight up nasty right now. If Washington gets the running game going, that takes our Cousins turnovers and keeps our offense off the field to keep up.
    If the Lions are going to win, they have to get a lead and quickly. Take Washington's running game out of the game plan, and then you have a punchers chance against Cousins. Its going to take more opportunistic defense because Cousins is still going to have a good game, our LB's cannot cover ANYONE.


    Lets look at a few things. First lets look at average points allowed by each defense. The Redskins are 18th at 23.7 points allowed/game and the Lions are 22nd with 25.5 points allowed. That looks like the same range overall to me. The Redskins are 6th in sacks while the Lions are 12th in sacks. The Redskins have 3 more sacks than the Lions. Washington has 1 more INT too. In terms of rushing averaged allowed per run teh Redskins are tied for last in the league while the Lions are 27th. Not good for either club. In terms of total rushing yards allowed (each team has played 6 games) the 'Skins allowed 744 rushing yards and the Lions allowed 650. The Lions field a worse defense but the Redskins are not great either.

    In terms of offense the Lions are 12th in points per game while the Redskins are 15th. The teams are 1.3 points per game apart. The 'Skins run the ball and pass better in terms of per game averages BUT Washington is 8th in INTs thrown and the Lions are 15th in INTs thrown (2 apart and we know Matt has been charged with at least one INT that was on Ebron).

    Last point. To date the 'Skins have also played 6 games. 4 have been at home and of the two road games they have played one was in Baltimore meaning not a typical road game.

    I think this is a hell of a match up for both teams. Very similar clubs with Wasjington getting the nod as being a slightly better team to me. But this game is in Detroit and if the Lions play well this is a W. The Redskins will also have to play well to win. A sloppy performance will help the home team. The 'Skins win with good play and by protecting the football and the Lions win with great offensive play and forcing a few turnovers as well as protecting the football themselves. To date the Redskins have played three rookie QBs in Prescott, the Browns QB and Wentz from Philly. The Steelers blew out the Redskins to open the season without RB Bell.

    The Lions to date have played three home games going 2-1 to date (losing to the Titans). Washington plays the Bengals on the road next week and if they are not careful they might be looking past Detroit mentally. Then they get their bye.

    I think this one will be close, I think it will be high scoring and I think whoever wins the turnover battle wins this game.


    Redskins are fraudulent. They were gifted a win against the Ravens that the had no business winning. Ziggy needs to finally show up because the Lions need to pressure Cousins, he wilts under pressure worse than most QB's. Lions win and keep chugging along.
    Lions are the better team. Skins will be a .500 team when all is said and done.


    Fairly evenly matched teams IMHO, although the way our defense is going I'd have to give the edge to the 'Skins even at our place. They've got a good offense, but so do we and it could be that Riddick and/or Washington might be playing. Probably will come down to mistakes, penalties, and TOs, like it usually does in the NFL. IOW, who the hell knows. If the home crows gets loud maybe it disrupts the 'Skins O, maybe Ansah returns to form and the rest of the defense steps up. One thing about the Lions, like a box of chocolates you never know what you're going to get.


    Nope sorry. Live in DC. Watch alot of skins games. The offense is not loaded but has some good pieces and the defense has good pieces but is not overwhelming. What will dictate this game is if our defense can get any kind of traction in regards to stops. Cousins (diehard sparty here) is prone to imploding but he is also able to put up huge numbers. So if anything it is most likely a shootout bc Stafford has been hot most of the year. You have Norman and breeland is actually pretty legit...but he can get abused (Antonio brown). The question comes down to who wins the Tate vs breeland matchup...obviously my money is on Tate. If riddick plays you have no one on defense who can cover him, so that will be a factor IF he plays. Honestly, the skins secondary doesn't worry me that much because the you have played the ravens and the browns whose passing attacks are hit or miss and the steelers, giants and the cowboys had success against you. The lions passing attack is on par with the giants and we may not have a singular talent like brown at the wr position (we don't), but collectively boldin, Tate, Jones and a healthy riddick might be as tough a matchup as a steeler offense w the focus mainly being brown deangelo Williams and Jesse James (for that game). Matt Jones is a decent rb but he has had two really good games and 4 pedestrian games....guess that means he runs for 250 and 5 tds vs Detroit.


    On paper the Redskins should win this game. They are rolling as the defense is playing very well and the offense should find little resistance with the Lions Defense. The Lions are at home and desperately need this win. Offensively the Lions are very short handed.
    Logic says - Redskins 35 Lions 24
    My heart says - Lions 31 Redskins 30
    If it is close my money is on Stafford and the offense


    Lions will try to stop the run and make cousins beat them. If the defense is able to do that i think we have a good chance to pull off a win. I will take Stafford all day long over cousins. Washington's on a roll and will be tough. Don't care what you say...if Reed cant play it's a big hit for the skins.


    I hope we don't make Washington abandon the run like we did with LA....they didn't run because we stopped it, they stopped running cuz they were completing 19 in a row.


    Brandon Pettigrew will not be the difference maker in this game.

    Lions 30
    Redskins 24


    The Foreskins had 230 rushing yards against the Eagles. It seems our D has its work cut out for them.

    I'm hoping to see some creative looks on defense from Austin. It's time our D played a respectable game.

    A few big plays is not enough. We need a complete game from them.


    I have no idea what the score will be but I can tell you what will happen
    Lions take the lead and look like they are gonnna blow the Redskins out for 1 1/2 qtrs
    Lions start to falter before half
    Lions lose lead late in the 3rd
    Redskins falter most of the 4th and so do the Lions but the Lions make it a one score game
    Lions get ball w less than 3 minutes and Stafford looks like the Greatest QB in the history of Football and we score to take the lead...but there is too much time left
    Redskins complete quick passes and are moving as time is running out....
    Basically this much is exactly what happens in 90% of our home games the last 4 years. It is like watching tbe movie Groundhog Day. We never blow somebody out and cruise to victory and we SELDOM get blown out.
    So it comes down to does Cousins make the final game winning play or not ...
    I am gonna say "NOT".
    Lions win a nail biter that looked lime a blowout early


    The Redskins are just as bad as the Lions. In almost every aspect of the equation. In their 4 game winning streak they played 2 home and 2 away but one game was against the Ravens. Not really an away game overall.

    They have averaged giving up 22 points per game and they played the Giants (who are struggling), the Ravens (who are struggling) and the Browns (0-6) and the Eagles. 4 in a row is nice and if the Lions don't play better defense the Lions will lose.

    This is a winnable game IF the Lions play well.


    Washington is playing good football right now - they have won 4 straight and are a very balanced team. No particular areas of strength but also no particular areas of weakness. They also are one of those teams that just keeps coming at you. If the Lions are able to get a lead they cannot sit on it. If we want to win the Offense needs to put points up early and often and we have to play aggressively. Honestly if we beat them I will have a whole new level of respect and hope for these guys.


    In the nfl it's hard to win games in a row..

    Both Wash and DET are due for a loss.

    Honestly I just don't see us winning this game unless we create some turnovers.


    Cousins can be streaky. He reminds me a lot of Eli. Can be great...can be not great.
    If we can get a couple turnovers it greatly helps our chances as you said.


    We're going to have to score 30+ this game to win. Luckily, our offense is good enough (and Washington's defense is bad enough) to do so.


    Unfortunately the reverse is also true, it could come down to who has the ball last. I am not counting on the defense getting a big turnover this time.


    Whomever the Lions send in D to challenge TRENT WILLIAMS, OLT, will have their hands full with that wall of a tackle.

    The Cat

    I really want the Loins to win but the way that Washington D has been playing scares me. In their four game win streak they haven't given up a touchdown in the second half.

    Malto Marko

    That's OK, Cat. Lions MO is a last minute field goal.

    Ok Skins-been a while since we've seen a 5-2 record-let's do this.

    0 0 0 0
    I'm giving it a 2-4 year window. Looking for improvement in all areas. Redskins, you're on the clock.

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    ej1888...I ain't a brave man...
    As a Lions fan nor should you be.

    Cody_Russell Brandon Pettigrew will not be the difference maker in this game.
    Well there's some earth shattering news...Isn't he on or just getting off the PUP?

    ...Redskins are 18th at 23.7 points allowed/game and the Lions are 22nd with 25.5. Redskins are 6th in sacks while the Lions are 12th in sacks. In terms of rushing averaged allowed per run the Redskins are tied for last in the league while the Lions are 27th...
    Defenses are roughly the same across the board however forced fumbles, 9 w/4 recovered by Washington; 4 and 1 for the Loins. Last two weeks Detrot has scored 55 and given up 51. Redskins scored 43 but only given up 30. 8 sacks for the Skins compared to 4 for the Lions. Bigger differences on the D side then it might appear in the 'What have you done lately?' department.

    iggy14...gifted a win against the Ravens that the had no business winning. Lions are the better team. Skins will be a .500 team when all is said and done
    Dude needs to look at the list of teams the Rat Birds have lost to the last three weeks (Oak, WA & NYG). Not a gift - Baltimore not playing well and the Redskins took advantage which is what good teams do.
    Lions are a better team because they have no RB's and one WR?
    Umm, look at the records. Detroit is the .500 team (3-3) not Washington (4-2). So, whose more likely to be 8-8 when all is said and done?

    One brief passing comment about Marvin Jones? Probably the guy the Skins need to account for the most. Bolden used more than Vernon Davis but he is that kind of guy for the Motor City Kitty's. Not a lot of shiny stats (40 yds @ game/3 TDs) but makes the ones that count (29 catches/18 first downs) and is a good blocker. Granted they don't have a RB to block for but that's not the point.
    0 0 0 0



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