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    Default Jordan Reed: Fastest TE to 200 Catches in NFL History

    Jordan Reed's Jersey Reaches The Pro Football Hall Of Fame

    So, are they counting games, or games he actually played in?

    Nonetheless, kudos Jordan Reed.
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    The more things change...the more they stay the same. It's like deja vu all over again.

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    Pro Football Reference has a game log from all of those games. Count is up to 39 because of the Baltimore game but the record was against Cleveland.

    link: Jordan Reed Career Game Log | Pro-Football-Reference.com

    I think it's all games he was on the game day roster and PFR logs show him with at least one target and one catch in each of those.
    The number of games that Redskins.com shows he played in each year matches the number of games @ PFR for each year. I suppose that he might have been on the game day roster sometime and never made it on the field, but I doubt it. He either played or was inactive.

    What's kinda interesting is that even though the play-off game is listed, it's listed separately, and the math says that game was not included as part of those 38 games. If it had been included, he would have reached the record by the Dallas game this year, 37 games.
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