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  1. I favor drafting a QB at #4 and here's why:

    I've been thinking about this issue for several weeks now, ever since it became clear that we would have the #4 pick. Finally, it became clear to me that we should use that pick to select a QB even though my heart yearns for a dominant left tackle. The reason? Simple. It seems unlikely to me...
  2. Dear Mr. Allen:

    The man for whom the Superbowl trophy is named and a former Redskin head coach like your Dad expressed his football philosophy (maybe his life's philosophy) in the speech paraphrased below. My Dad took me to hear him speak when I was a youngster and I heard these words (among others) spoken that...
  3. Never been this low

    Even the day after yesterday's debacle I'm still stunned. Not angry, not anything but sad and numb. I am and always will be a Redskins fan but for the first time in my 45 years of rooting for the burgundy and gold, my faith is shaken and it's not like we haven't been through tough times...
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