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  1. Every TV Channel In The World For $14.99 A Month

    An early Merry Xmas for everyone. I know a lot of friends here have problems watching the games live. Also, who doesn't like to save money? I came across a service 6 months ago that gives me every tv channel in the world--literally, the world--for $15 a month. 6,700 different channels...
  2. Welcome to the Redskins Derrius Guice!
  3. Paul Richardson Pulled Over By Virginia Police.

    The Virginia State Police says it's reviewing claims made by new Washington Redskins receiver Paul Richardson Jr., who tweeted that a trooper asked whether he was in a gang and told him he thought he was a drug dealer after pulling him over Tuesday afternoon. "Before asking my name he asked me...
  4. Why Were The Redskins So Cheap In Free Agency? Doug Williams Explains.

    Great article.
  5. The Search For Our Next GM

    Louis Riddick is my dream pick and prediction. Would he sign on? Or does he have better options?
  6. Vegas: The Over/Under Skins Win Total For 2018

    Last year they had us at 6 1/2 games. This year they have us at 5 1/2 games.
  7. DC For A First-Timer. Suggestions Please.

    So I just booked a trip up to see the Redskins play Arizona, and to spend a few extra days in my favorite city in the country. I grew up in Springfield, so I've personally been on most of the tours already. But I'm bringing my gf who has never been to DC before. We arrive Thursday at noon...
  8. The Kentucky Derby

    Years ago, Nobody came into this thread and gave us Animal Kingdom. What followed was glorious. I was hoping that he just might show up again with the same conviction he had on that day.
  9. BGO Survivor 2016 Final Results.

    Congratulations to our 2016 BGO Survivor winners. This season, both Elephant and Shi managed to break records and outlast the competition to share the title. Great work gentlemen! And thanks to all of our players this year. We hope to see all of you back next season. :clap2:
  10. BGO Survivor Week 16 Report 2016

    Here we go.... Another week where we have ended in a tie. I have reset the league so both Shi and Elephant can make their picks going forward. One other note, Shi is out of town and has already emailed me his pick. Although I'm no longer in the contest, I'm going to enter Shi's pick under...
  11. BGO Survivor Week 15 Report 2016

    You two are freaking animals. Lol. You've broken all of the records. A great job by each of you! San Diego is the big favorite this weekend. we go. Best of luck......and get those picks in!
  12. BGO Survivor Week 14 Report 2016

    Congratulations again to both of our remaining players, Shi and El. You two have now set the all-time record with some great picks this season. I can also confirm that El struck early this week, taking the Seahawks on Thursday night. That means all of the pressure is now on Shi to pick...
  13. BGO Survivor Week 13 Report 2016

    Both Shi and Elephant had another successful weekend with their picks. That brings us to week 14. In year one of the contest, week 14 crowned the new Champ. Will it happen again this weekend? Detroit is the most popular pick this weekend, followed by Atlanta. Good luck to each of you, and...
  14. BGO Survivor 2016 Week 12 Report

    Congratulations again to both of you. Those were some nice picks last week. You two are now approaching the record that was set in season 1. That year the contest was finally decided in week 14. This week, Denver is the big favorite with players around the country. Good Luck to both of you...
  15. Stock Thread--Trump Edition

    I just loaded the boat on a very risky, yet what I believe will be a great investment. FNMA at $3.83. Very risky, do not follow. But interesting. Hoping to see $10-$15 within 6 months. If anyone has any ideas they feel strongly about, please share. I'd like to learn about them.
  16. BGO Survivor Week 11 Report 2016

    Shi and El, sorry about the delay. I've been at the beach for Thanksgiving with intermittent internet access. I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday. is your list of the teams already played: Green Bay Arizona Seattle Carolina New England Buffalo Denver Minnesota...
  17. Which Teams Play In The Super Bowl This Year?

    Which two teams will meet for the title this year?
  18. BGO Surivor Week 10 Report 2016

    BGO Survivor Week 10 Report 2016 Congratulations again to both of you. You're definitely rolling now. This week, the heavy favorites are the Giants and Pittsburgh. I'll post your previous picks below--please don't use them again. Good Luck! And get those picks in.
  19. 2016 Survivor Week 9 Report--And Then There Were 2

    Congratulations to both Shi and Elephant. You two managed to make it through last week, and will now play in the Finals. Neo forgot to make his pick, so he's unfortunately been eliminated. Thanks for playing Neo.....and we hope to see you back next year. This weekend, Arizona and Baltimore...
  20. BGO Survivor Week 7 Report 2016

    All tied up. That's the status of the 3 remaining players right now, after the Atlanta Falcons gave Elephant his first strike of the season. It's now time to sweat:) This week, Minnesota comes in as the season-high favorite with players. And none of our remaining contestants have used...
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