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  1. Random Commanders Thoughts

    I think you’re right that it’s a relationship issue, but that each of us is considering most one side of that double edged sword. I mean you can argue that Rivera’s entire coaching staff was chosen on the basis of loyalty/relationship and that keeping 90% of his Carolina staff was a mistake...
  2. Random Commanders Thoughts

    I think Scott Turner landing on his feet this quickly isn't necessarily a good thing. It just points to how coaches are recycled. Other than his family name, I think Turner hasn't shown any spectacular traits and yet he is chosen rather than giving someone knew an opportunity. Mind you, he...
  3. Bobby Beathard has passed away at 86

    I agree that Beathard and Gibbs were a great team, but it wasn’t entirely because Bobby found pieces that fit. Gibbs was not a system coach. He learned his team inside out and adapted his scheme to do what they did best. Joe Theismann was the opposite kind of QB to Mark Rypien. John Riggins was...
  4. Random Commanders Thoughts

    I don't know. I'm a believer in doing your homework. Watching these guys practice, seeing as how they take to coaching, and getting a chance to have a few extra 1:1s are all to the good especially if you don't have an offensive coordinator. This team hasn't been good enough at drafting (although...
  5. Bobby Beathard has passed away at 86

    Architect of our glory years and from everything I've heard a good guy. RIP.
  6. Random NFL Thoughts

    If Tom Brady is truly the best of all time, his next step will be to become the GM of the Washington Wizards and then halfway through the season put himself on the floor.
  7. The Official 'Get the Hell Out Snyder!' Prediction Contest

    Should I be a devil and suggest he sells the team to Tanya? Look! I'm not the owner anymore! Tanya owns the team
  8. 2023 Offensive Coordinator Thread

    Yeah, the only real reason for Bienemy to leave KC is if he thinks he can't reach his dreams under Andy Reid's shadow. If Washington can get its Oline together, I think Washington is an ideal coordinator landing spot. You're almost guaranteed to jump ten slots and that's assuming Howell or...
  9. Random NFL Thoughts

    Yuck. Demeco deserves better than Houston.
  10. 2023 Salary Cap - What We Know

    Funny that they break out DT and DE, but list all op together
  11. 2023 Salary Cap - What We Know

    Yeah, it never really works to play "good" players "great" money. I mean look at the Wizards and Beal or Wall or Gilbert?
  12. 2023 Salary Cap - What We Know

    Looking at the salary cap, it makes me think that A) Wentz has to be cut (we knew that, but there really was never a choice which makes trading for him an even worse decision and B) We probably shouldn't sign Payne either unless it's a sign and trade. We have too many holes for a splash signing.
  13. Random Commanders Thoughts

    ... and negligence. Really, I don't blame Rivera on this one though. He was the new guy coming in and was left with all the bad blood and mess Bruce left behind. All Rivera wanted was for Trent to show up. Trent wanted out. Not sure if Rivera could have salvaged the relationship. Not sure how...
  14. Random Commanders Thoughts

    True. But we've more or less had the same record with him as without him. In fact, we probably have had a better record since he's left.
  15. Random Commanders Thoughts

    It's hard to say. Williams wanted out. He did some ugly things to get out. Then again, Bruce Allen was infamous at creating bad blood and trying to make fans hate their own. When Williams went I wasn't upset that he left. The helmet thing irritated me. The fact that he kept wearing down and...
  16. Random Commanders Thoughts

    That too. That mostly. Especially since while I can buy we are a good QB away from being a good team I don't think we're a good QB away from a Super Bowl team. Rogers or Brady are on a year to year watch. You can't build with either.
  17. Random Commanders Thoughts

    I'd be opposed to Brady honestly. I'd be okay with a Peyton though there is a part of me that sees a Sean Peyton hire as a Mike Shannahan hire, a Marty Schottenhiemer hire, a Ron Rivera hire. We have a history of hiring a guy who was successful once elsewhere who is fired or walks away and...
  18. 2023 Offensive Coordinator Thread

    The advantage Bienemy would have in Washington is that the offense would be his playground. Rivera being a defensive coach would not take any shine off Bieemy’s accomplishments. If we are right that Robinson, Gibson, Samuel, McLaurin, Dotson etc. are too good for the 27th best offense then...
  19. 2023 Offensive Coordinator Thread

    Not sure why Bienemy would want to leave the Chiefs unless he thinks he can’t make his own name while being under Andy’s shadow. Still, that’d be one heckuva upgrade
  20. Random Commanders Thoughts

    McCarthy may own the worst play call in NFL history, dethroning our own Jim Zorn. Is the Swinging Gate no longer the worst play ever called to end a game? I mean the moment I saw it I thought unless McCarthy can convince the 49ers to count five Mississippis Dak's dead meet.
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