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  1. NewCliche21

    So, Anyone Else Superstitious?

    I absolutely LOVED that story. As a social worker, it really hit home. Oh, and can I get an order for a bracelet? Thanks.
  2. NewCliche21

    NFL Pickem: Week 5 Results

    Ha! Take THAT, Mom!
  3. NewCliche21

    NFL Pickem: Week 5 Results

    Wait, I won something?!
  4. NewCliche21

    Skins Quotes 9/30/11

    Thanks for posting this! I love how friggin' smart Shanny is. It's ridiculously refreshing.
  5. NewCliche21

    NFL Pickem: Week 2 Results

    Hell yeah! I was going for 44 just to honor Riggo. :)
  6. NewCliche21

    Cowboys Vs. Redskins Predict The Score

    I lose several years off of my life.
  7. NewCliche21

    BGO.C.D.: Performance Anxiety

    It's funny, because as much as that would be such a vast improvement, I feel like my energy has pent up for so long that anything less than a Super Bowl is a failed season. This also coming from the guy who expects to lose any given game. I really need meds. :insane:
  8. NewCliche21

    BGO.C.D.: Performance Anxiety

    This summed up my feelings perfectly. I am so ridiculously beaten down by our team's performance for the past twenty years that the idea of something positive just causes such cognitive dissonance that my anxiety can't be controlled. It's funny because today I did a foster parent training on...
  9. NewCliche21

    NewCliche21 Eats Crow: 2010 season/2011 offseason reflection

    Posted on ES, but I'd like to see what kind of incorrect assertions that you'd like to man up to. :) --------------- I make these threads when I've been proven wrong, but I kind of lost interest after this year, except for being pissed off about the lockout, but I'm due. I figure now's a good...
  10. NewCliche21

    NFL Sunday Ticket Without Directv

    Whew, that's quite a penny! I wish that the NFL, even through, would just let me pay $5 per game to stream it to my computer. You don't need to cut out commercials; I'll sit through those. It could literally just be the FOX/CBS/ESPN feed being directed to my computer for $5 a pop...
  11. NewCliche21

    ES Pittman4two: P42 Analyzations and Breakdowns: Pewter Pirates vs. Skins

    Which part of my post gave you that idea? The part where I say that it's really funny or that this one is especially hilarious? ;)
  12. NewCliche21

    ES Pittman4two: P42 Analyzations and Breakdowns: Pewter Pirates vs. Skins

    For those of you who don't frequent Extremeskins, there is one annual joy that you're missing, and that's poster Pittman4two's annual trash talk post. They are always good for a laugh, but this year's is especially hilarious. I'm just going to post the link since the rhythm of the read is half...
  13. NewCliche21

    Grade for Redskins Big Men vs Ravens?

    On a scale from one to ten, you guys are giving A's and B's? Literacy are hard. ;) I would, honestly, give both lines A-/B+s for last night. Going against a great Ravens defense, our offensive line blew holes open and gave both quarterbacks forever to throw the ball. Sometimes the Ravens...
  14. NewCliche21

    Redskins Offseason To Date: Best Moves & Most Questionable

    I agree with all of your indicated positive moves, but I'm having trouble with some of the ones that you consider questionable. 1) I was as surprised as anyone when we didn't sign Harris. Hell, he signed with the Dream Team for pocket change. What I'm wondering, though, is if Shanahan really...
  15. NewCliche21

    Redskins v. Ravens Wishlist

    I think that if we win convincingly, then that could be indicative of a positive team. It's not that I want us to get cocky or that I think that we're world-beaters, but I do think that if we win, then, well, we win. Remember: The third preseason game is where the starters play. I want us to...
  16. NewCliche21

    Halfway Through Preseason - The Rookies, Who Makes The Cut?

    Great find, Goaldeje! Missing the preseason due to being in Alaska for a vacation, it's been really nice to come back to a complete lack of the question to which I've become so accustomed to going into Week 3 of the preseason: Which was the worst pick? None of the 2011 draft class really...
  17. NewCliche21

    The QB horserace

    I don't know if it's such a problem. Sonny and Billy wasn't a problem. Jay and Doug wasn't a problem. If it is such a problem, then, well, it's a problem that I'm happy to have.
  18. NewCliche21

    "Norm!" (The Welcome Thread)

    I'm just glad that I cleared out my ES inbox before I left on my trip! I'm very happy to be a part of this community. It can be really hard with a wife who wears the colors because I ask her to but thinks that the X, Y, and Z receivers all need to check to see if their flies are down. All in...
  19. NewCliche21

    "Norm!" (The Welcome Thread)

    Hahahaha, nah, I'll pass on the Kool Aid now. I find it a much more refreshing drink when celebrating, which hopefully come sooner rather than later. It's eerily familiar to 2005, actually. We have a crap season the year before that started with Gibbs getting a veteran quarterback who's...
  20. NewCliche21

    "Norm!" (The Welcome Thread)

    Wow, a lot of nice faces around already! I'm very happy to be here to commiserate, celebrate, and actually have a really strong conversation on everything Redskins. I may not be the youngest member, but I live in enemy territory (Delaware is all Eagles), so I get to hear what they say every...
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