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  1. The Bombshell

    When I heard the words jail time (I know unlikely) I giggled like Rob Riggle when the lady cop suggested Taser time in The Hangover.
  2. Commanders' Coffee #17

    Watching Giants vs Vikings. I noticed their head coaches actually move their mouths during the game. Interesting. Words come out of their mouths too. And their arms are not stuck in the folded position all game. Huh.
  3. The Official 'Get the Hell Out Snyder!' Prediction Contest

    Valentines Day. Feb 14. 9am Est
  4. Random Commanders Thoughts

    Another thing that Wentz did horribly, especially in the first half was change cadence. Look at the number times that the browns had defenders with running starts when they blitzed. This is basic offense 101. The whole thing is laughable at this point.
  5. Random Commanders Thoughts

    If anyone cares we are currently in the 14th spot for next year’s draft. We can move up as many as 4 spots. These are the games and teams to root for. Tennessee to beat @Jacksonville @New Orleans to beat Carolina Jets to beat @Miami Cleveland to beat @Pittsburgh Philly owns the Saints...
  6. Assume the worst - Clean house or stay the course?

    Thank you. I changed my kind of blow it up by taking Ron’s coaching powers away from him(which he would refuse and then quit), to officially firing Ron, Scott and Jack. They need to be sent packing. Maybe there is a position coach on the team worth keeping. So I am full on blow it up.
  7. Assume the worst - Clean house or stay the course?

    Rivera had a chance to bring in Heinicke at the half. He ultimately hitched his wagon to his big free agent signing. I believe that dooms him. Provided we get a new owner in time enough to establish a proper organizational structure.
  8. Assume the worst - Clean house or stay the course?

    I like Rivera but we are getting out coached time and time again. He would have to either go or relinquish on the field decisions. Which he would not do I’m sure. Turner has some really nice play designs but struggles to make the right call at the right time. I don’t think Del Rio is a huge...
  9. Official Game Thread - Week 16 - Commanders @ 49ers

    Panthers and Chiefs are rolling. This is great for us.
  10. BGO Blind Pig: Week 16 at San Francisco 49ers

    Every single 9ers reporter I have heard is predicting a blowout. I hope that seeps in to the players locker room. I like that their defense is not big. They have great players at every level and they are fast. We should not be looking to out flank anyone. Take it straight to them...
  11. Paloffs or Nah?

    We got a shot. The Oline needs to get cleaned up and Turner needs to put aside his ego. I hope St-Juste can play the rest of the way. I think Heinicke will run more which opens up the chance of him getting hurt, but he knows this will essentially be playoff time from here on out. The...
  12. Giants Week - Studs, Duds, and Hat Tips

    And can we change the title we claim as a position from punt returner to punt catcher? Or maybe try Dotson one of these games?
  13. Giants Week - Studs, Duds, and Hat Tips

    I would also dud Del Rio for waiting till halftime to go to man to man. Logan looked lost out there too. We were expecting more from our tight ends and to see such little production is really baffling.
  14. BGO Blind Pig: 2022 Bye Week Edition

    The Tyler Larsen injury was a gut punch to this team. Silver lining is it happened just as Wes Schweitzer has come back. Wes has had huge problems with snaps earlier but he is more physical than Martin. If they can sort it out and find a way to not miss a beat then we have a shot. If the...
  15. Official Game Thread - Week 13 - Commanders @ Giants

    Special Teams took a hit this week. Our gunners were nowhere near as good. Christian Holmes wasn’t on teams I don’t believe because he played corner and had a rough game. He has been very good on teams. Not sure if Butler was in the game. I’ve been used to seen Holmes and Butler bearing...
  16. Falcons Week - Studs, Duds, and Hat Tips

    I will give Slye some credit for making the field goal after missing the pat. He had to be feeling the heat. If he misses that fg there is a much higher chance we lose.
  17. Falcons Week - Studs, Duds, and Hat Tips

    If Kevin Sheehan is somehow watching, please mention how some radio host personalities thought that maybe we had seen the best of Brian Robinson Jr. and had overlooked the fact that he was still recovering from being shot twice. And that those radio personalities thought that he ran too upright...
  18. Official Game Thread - Week 10 - Commanders @ Eagles - MNF Edition

    St -Juste is a player. He played great tonight. Not getting much talk on tv. He really had a huge part on 2 of the turnovers. And that dpi was bogus imo. He is becoming a force. Love Darrick Forrest too.
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