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  1. A Era of Redskins Football Comes to a End

    Guys this will be my final post on this website. I will always be a fan of Robert Griffin for what he did for Baylor University. I have been deeply troubled by what has transpired during his years with the Redskins. As in most cases like this, I am sure that the blame goes both ways. I can...
  2. RG3 Development Tracker 2015

    The young woman beats the hag any day.
  3. Which OL should we go after in the draft? Why?

    This is sorely needed. Who should we go after?
  4. Kirk Cousins a great guy, but not the answer

    I really hoped Kirk would overcome the reason he was a 4th round choice in the draft. At Michigan State he had 45 touchdown passes his final two years, but also 20 interceptions. Never understood why so many fans thought he would make it as a starter. Regardless, QB is not even close to the...
  5. Past Is Prologue

    Quality QB Play? Hard to have quality QB play if you are constantly scrambling for your life because you don't have the support upfront. I don't care if it is Cousins, Griffin, or Brady; you can't provide quality QB play without protection.
  6. Random Commanders Thoughts

    As I have thought since I have joined this group. We need to focus on building an offensive line and better secondary players. I think the O-line might the third worst in the NFL.
  7. One play that changed everything...

    Fact: Cousins played extremely well against a weak NFL team. It is my hope that he continues to play well. No interceptions and he showed good poise. I believe RG3's injury has nothing to do with confidence or lack there of. He was looking good before the injury happened. He will be back...
  8. Statement By Daniel Snyder on Roger Goodell

    Snyder is out of line It is sickening to see Snyder attempt to stay in the good graces with Goodall. Goodall should have been fired when he placed a one year suspension on Sean Payton because there was zero proof that Payton knew about the "pay for hurt scheme". Goodall should have been fired...
  9. Discussing the potential future benching og RG3

    Don't know why I am bothering to respond to such a stupid post. The nuances in the "hypothetical" post indicate someone who is not shooting straight. You really want Cousins to start. be honest wtih us and yourself. RG3 is not playing like he did in college or his first year with the...
  10. Drinking the Kool-Aid, is it a bad thing?

    Quit Drinking the Dallas Cowboy Kool-Aid Long time ago I know this is the wrong site to say this, but being a life-long Cowboy fan, my kool-aid glass got a permanent hole the year Jerry Jones fired Jimmy Johnson. How can anyone drink the Kool-Aid over there they way they operate!! For the...
  11. Who impressed you in the first preseason game?

    I know it is preseason, but who impressed you tonight?
  12. Random Commanders Thoughts

    I think Shanahan mishandled the situation. He should have had him practice some before throwing him out there. From practice he could determine if he was ready to start. To me you could quickly see that he was not ready last year. I am not talking about hindsight being 20/20, I am talking...
  13. Random Commanders Thoughts

    Peterson's recovery was part of the problem. RG3 felt he could do the same freaky thing as Peterson did. He was wrong. Should have stayed out all of last year.
  14. Random Commanders Thoughts

    Not every single tool. Unproven offensive line.
  15. Official 2014 Pre-Season Man Crush Thread

    My impression of Lache Seastrunk as a man has just jumped up a few notches. Read this emotional espn article. Baylor running back Lache Seastrunk inspired by story of Molly Martinsen - ESPN
  16. Official 2014 Pre-Season Man Crush Thread

    I thought this was the man crush thread? Moss definitely has earned a chance to see what he can do this year, but in preseason if he is slowing down too much and drops good passes thrown his way then he needs to step down to let the younger guys fill in. The NFL is a cold harsh business and one...
  17. Is it just Texas or is it everwhere?

    Is it just Texas or is it everywhere? Just got back from San Antonio on IH 35. Freeways torn up with new construction that they had just built a few years ago. Drivers who rubberneck and put traffic to a stop to watch a fat guy change his tire on his pickup. Could understand if it was a good...
  18. Official 2014 Pre-Season Man Crush Thread

    I don't know if it was the receiver coaching or the players themselves, but there have been way too many dropped passes that any decent receiver can catch. Nice to have some competition and choices this year.
  19. Official 2014 Pre-Season Man Crush Thread

    Lukewarm "Man Crush" for Lache Seastrunk. Quick and elusive with heart. Not sure if he has enough power to be successful in the NFL, but what heart. Watch this link to see how with determination he scored on Oklahoma State on one leg (he pulled a hamstring). Ouch! Lache Seastrunk 76-yd TD on...
  20. Has the offensive line improved enough to make a difference?

    After the draft today, maybe it has improved enough to make a difference. Won't know until after preseason practice.
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