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  1. Random WFT Thoughts

    They should have never started any season for any league because the expectation that nobody can get sick and still allow the teams to play isn't compatible. IMO it was either let them all get it back in March-April then hope for immunity or just forget about it. Instead they are all going with...
  2. Redskins Name Change - On Turning the Page

    I hope they choose Redskins and put a bowl of buttered redskin potatoes on the helmet. This was brought up on a SXM show ran by a full on liberal Redskins hater and he thought it was brilliant. The assclowns would be in love with the Potato Skins.
  3. Redskins Name Change - On Turning the Page

    I would be cool with the Washington Whiteouts. Just leave the logo and everything the same but splash some whiteout over the "disrespectful" depiction of an Indian. It would be the equivalent of **** type censorship or "redacted" and point to the fact that children just can't handle seeing...
  4. Washington Announces Temporary Franchise Name

    I can imagine a conversation in a bar going something like this: Dude 1: Bro, so you're here to watch the football game too? What's your favorite football team? Dude 2: Football Team Dude 1: No man, I mean which football team are you rooting for? Dude 2: Football team Dude 1: :huh2: Damned...
  5. If Snyder Goes, Does it Change Your Perspective?

    I haven't really watched much football the past decade, probably since Gibbs retired the 2nd time. I never believed that Shanny was going to win but was actually surprised that he almost did despite the buffoons around or above him. Since then it's been a full on cluster fuck for most of a...
  6. Redskins Announce Formal Review of Team Name

    Snyder should have changed the name when he bought the team that way a lot of us could have been spared the past 20 years of ineptitude. Literally 20 years of Cerrato and Allen Jr buffoonery. Then after that manure you want to change the name? For real? Keep the logo and change the name to the...
  7. Burner's Burning Questions: Free Agency, Mocks, Camps, OTAs, Roster Predictions, 2020

    Jordan Reed is going to have a hard time getting signed right now. They can't bring him in and he's spent most of the past year in concussion protocol.
  8. Skins Trade for Panthers QB Kyle Allen

    If they create a vaccine for this then it'll be a first. Sars, Mers, etc, no vaccine to date. Apparently the money isn't in finding a vaccine for anything.
  9. Redskins Announce Coaching Staff

    Hey, if it doesn't work out at OC for Norv Jr, the Bio on him did state that he earned a degree is Psychology at UNLV. Maybe he can be reassigned as Dan's game time sidekick and keep the little man's psychosis in check. He did at one point in time actually wear a jockstrap so he has that part...
  10. Random NFL Thoughts

    Garappolo 6/8 for 70 yards Kirk Cousins would've been a hero on that team if Bruce and Dan didn't have their heads up their asses a few years ago.
  11. Redskins Recon: Panthers Fans on Ron Rivera

    Yeah, lets hope that Rivera doesn't end up being Norv Turner in Oakland.
  12. Random WFT Thoughts

    49ers fans wanted the dude fired last year though. Must be all that talent.
  13. Redskins and Schaffer Mutually Part Ways

    Damn, at this point Danny might end up bringing Vinny back again.
  14. Random NFL Thoughts

    If Kirk can win this one he still has to go on the road next week. Imagine him being the guy that finally beats the Packers vs Rodgers to get them to the SB. Yeah, I'm not seeing it either.
  15. Redskins Name Doug Williams Senior Vice President of Player Development

    So now they have a senior director and a senior vp, both of player development. Who is the president? Who holds the junior titles lol. How come all the Redskins titles seem to make little sense?
  16. Burner's Burning Questions: Free Agency, Mocks, Camps, OTAs, Roster Predictions, 2020

    Re: Burner's Burning Questions: Free Agency, Mocks, Camps, OTAs, Roster Predictions, Might want to bring in the hoodie as well. Or tell Tom to get copies of his video collection.
  17. Random NFL Thoughts

    So what are the odds that Kirk finally wins a big game? I certainly won't be betting on the dude.
  18. Random NFL Thoughts

    Also hilarious that Belichick was pissed that he used his tricks against him.
  19. Burner's Burning Questions: Grades, Predictions, Evals, Questions, 2019 Season

    Depends. If they keep the Manusky gameplan those two will cover receivers with the DL going after the QB alone.
  20. Bruce Allen is Gone

    I wouldn't call it hope. More like when you buy your 3 year old kid a bike without training wheels and then push him or her out into the street hoping that they'll remember to pedal and keep balancing the bike at the same time knowing full well that they're going to end up picking rocks out of...
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