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  1. Posse Lover

    Five Potential New Names for Washington’s Football Team from Sports Illustrated

    https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/07/03/five-potential-team-names-for-washington-football-team-dan-snyder?suid=5cc1c6ed24c17c493949a356&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=SI%20Extra%20070320&utm_term=SI%20Extra%20-%20USE%20THIS%20-%20List If it has to happen then Red Clouds would be my...
  2. Posse Lover

    Redskins Sign Four College Free Agents

    https://www.redskins.com/news/redskins-sign-four-college-free-agents Check out QB Steven Montez Highlights
  3. Posse Lover

    PLEASE GOD, don't let Newton become a Redskin.

    I love the Redskins and will stick by them when it comes to almost everything BUT if Ron trades for him. First I want Snyder's head on a stake then Ron's on the chopping block. I'd probably start liking my home State team. My name would fit their board as well...in an appropriate...
  4. Posse Lover

    Redskins elect not to pay Trent Williams' $5.1M salary

    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28036330/redskins-elect-not-pay-trent-williams-51m-salary Sorry if this has been posted and discussed. I was saying something to this effect when he ended his holdout. Put him on the PUP list and not pay him nada. Keep him healthy and trade him. Thoughts
  5. Posse Lover

    Our defensive secondary question

    Hi, Redskins' fans. I don't comment much and don't think if I have started a new post, but I have a serious question and understand that I probably should have put it in Random Redskins thoughts. I think that this is a serious debate. Minkah Fitzpatrick wants out of Miami. They want a 1st round...
  6. Posse Lover

    A question about Alex Smith

    I apologize for making a thread just for this question. Probably could have gone to Random Thoughts, huh? First off, I hope for a great recovery for Alex and I do think that he can and will play again, but will he be as mobile and will he be skittish any at all. I know that he has guaranteed...
  7. Posse Lover

    FA guards or our backups?

    Question for you guys that know the team better than I. We are leading the division so, I'd hate to think Gruden and Callaghan gives up and doesn't find a couple decent fill-ins... if not we're done.
  8. Posse Lover

    Patrick Peterson Question

    With him wanting out of Arizona and us truly in need of an opposite threatening CB am I the only one who would give up our 1st round pick next year since some early mocks have us drafting a CB....we could put Quinton on the slot receiver. Thoughts?
  9. Posse Lover

    Fantasy Leagues

    Whenever it comes time...somebody email me please to remind me please! TYVM mh32492@aol.com
  10. Posse Lover

    Kirk Cousins vs Denver

    Does anyone else think today was and could be Kirk's ''job interview'' for Elway and Company?
  11. Posse Lover

    Redskins fire general manager Scot McCloughan

    I can't get the link to work... I guess Daniel Snyder is taking back the reins
  12. Posse Lover

    NFL Pickem - Week 16

    I'm curious what the top 10 looks like now... I thought that I had 7 losses... only 5! micks and others, how did ya'll do?
  13. Posse Lover

    NFL Pickem

    I'm looking forward to seeing which of us wins this thing this year. I have to give Boone much appreciation for helping me out with my week 10 picks and keeping me in the competition for a possible championship. Boone, is somewhat aware of my disability and past emergency hospital stays. To the...
  14. Posse Lover

    Welcome back Vets and good luck to Rookies

    Posse Lover back in the house... Let's get it on!
  15. Posse Lover

    Brian Mitchell tells it like it is.

    If it's been posted already then my bad. I thought everybody would enjoy this if you haven't seen it. Comcast SportsNet Washington
  16. Posse Lover

    Fox pre-game show

    What the hell? They showed a poll on who fans want as our next HC.. Jimmy Johnson 63%... he bombed in Miami Art Briles 7% David Shaw 8% Mike Shanahan 22%
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