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  1. The Burgundy Ghost

    Same As It Ever Was...: Post-Draft Assessment

    So, if you don't feel like reading a long article on the draft, here's a quick summary via anecdote: I had to call my former employers the other day for some information and wound up talking to a former co-worker who follows the 'Skins. He asked me what I thought of the draft (back then I was...
  2. The Burgundy Ghost

    The True Value of Su'a Cravens

    So, want to know how much Su'a Cravens is really worth to his new team in terms of value? Oh sure, we know what the trade was that went down. Washington gets: Denver's 4th (109), 5th (142) and 5th (163) and a conditional 2020 6th rd. pick (???) Denver gets: Washington's 4th (113), 5th (149)...
  3. The Burgundy Ghost

    A Challenge to the 12th Man: Dallas 2010

    We interrupt your normally scheduled intelligent football conversation with some blind fan homerism as the Redskins head into the 2010 regular season against the hated Dallas Cowboys. All opinions are of yours truly and may or may not reflect the opinion of anybody else. If you like it-- get...
  4. The Burgundy Ghost

    Brett Favre and his annoying retirement

    With the rumors of Favre retiring, I thought I'd bring up a post I did a few days ago. (Brett Favre) The most Annoying Story Heading Into Training Camp...... If you've enjoyed some of my humorous posts from the "old" days, you might like this one. -WD
  5. The Burgundy Ghost

    Your 2010 season tickets (pictures)

    Season tickets started to be mailed out today.....if you haven't gotten them yet, here's what they'll look like. more over on IIWII
  6. The Burgundy Ghost

    NFP: Matt Bowen discussing schemes

    Not sure if anybody has been following Matt Bowen's "The Players Page" over at NFP, but he's doing a breakdown of various schemes/packages and the responsibilities of each player in that scheme. Good reads for anybody not sure about the strengths/weaknesses of the Tampa 2 or other things...
  7. The Burgundy Ghost

    Karl Swanson leaving the Skins

    just a little bit of info. via Rick Maese's twitter: http://twitter.com/RickMaese/status/13334693493
  8. The Burgundy Ghost

    A fun nintendo crossover game

    Somebody took Super Mario Bros. and put various characters in the nintendo hey day in the game. It's pretty cool. You can play as Mega Man, Simon from Castlevania, Samus from Metroid, Link from Zelda and one of the guys from Contra. enjoy http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/534416
  9. The Burgundy Ghost

    UDFA Targets?

    Now that the draft is over, it's time to look at UDFAs. Who do you like? Here's my short list: QB, Jarrett Brown OLB/DE, Brandon Lang OT, Tony Washington RB, Chris Brown RB, Andre Dixon G, Sergio Render C, Jeff Byers
  10. The Burgundy Ghost

    Bruce Campbell in the 4th?

    Looks like he may be there at 103. Take him or go after somebody else?
  11. The Burgundy Ghost

    A Blast from the past....young Vinny

    I was doing some You Tube Research for a blog entry and stumbled upon these clips of Vinny from 2000 talking about the plan of the Redskins. Also Jess Atkinson, Doc Walker (with a flat top?) and a young Chris Samuels. Enjoy the beginning of the end my friends.......
  12. The Burgundy Ghost

    Meaningless Mock Draft v3.0

    'Tis the Season for Mock drafts here's my third version. I have no clue how some places have 7 round mocks this took me forever to write up and I don't even like all the picks I made. http://walkingdeadmanblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/meaningless-mock-draft-30-whole-1st.html 1. St. Louis Rams- Sam...
  13. The Burgundy Ghost

    IIWII: Draft Trade Scenario Few Are Thinking About

    Since we've been discussing about whether Clausen should be the pick at four. I thought of a way to get a good staring left tackle to protect him and Campbell with the #37 pick: http://walkingdeadmanblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/draft-trade-scenario-few-are-thinking.html The Ravens have Gaither...
  14. The Burgundy Ghost

    Per PFT Artis Hicks a Redskin, Tony Pashos not so much

    http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/category/rumor-mill/ Sounds like we have a new RG. Nobody else so far has reported the story.....looking for confirmation. Update 1: Burgundy Burner reporting that both Hicks and Pashos are signed. Update 2: Rick Maese, of The Washington Post, reports...
  15. The Burgundy Ghost

    Bruce Allen Press Conference

    Anybody else catch this? I'm expecting the Skins to be spending a lot of money at 12:01 based on the comments of Bruce Allen. Also, it's nice to have an actual GM now and not a bumbling stooge that Vinny portrayed during his pressers. And the last question by Jason Reid about rebuilding the...
  16. The Burgundy Ghost

    Redskin Player awards

    Does anybody associated with the 4-12 Redskins deserve an award? Probably not. Maybe London Fletcher I suppose. Anyway, I 've been doing these for the last few seasons. Here's some reading to give you a Redskins fix during the offseason. Redskins Player Awards pt.1 Redskins Player Awards pt.2...
  17. The Burgundy Ghost

    I'm Really Liking Tony Pike as a 2nd Round Pick Option

    I'm watching the bowl games looking at some players that might be worth keeping an eye on and even in the huge loss to Florida, I'm really liking Cincy's Tony Pike as a possible 2nd rounder option for the Skins. Decent size. Quick release good arm (seems like he can make the NFL passes). Decent...
  18. The Burgundy Ghost

    PFT: Zimmer as potential DC for Redskins?

    It's PFT so I'd take it with a huge grain of salt, but if true, then I'd be really, really happy. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2009/12/26/zimmers-name-surfaces-as-potential-defensive-coordinator-in-dc/ click above thread for entire article
  19. The Burgundy Ghost

    CBS sports:Idiotic play call seals Zorn's Doom in Washington

    Yikes. I've never read an article from a journalist ranting on a coach like this. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/story/12692307/idiotic-play-call-seals-zorns-doom-in-washington - By Greg Doyle click above link for the rest of the story
  20. The Burgundy Ghost

    So much for the Good Will towards Zorn and others

    I seriously doubt that anybody will suggest Zorn remaining with the Skins after this loss to the Giants. One has to wonder what the feeling towards other guys like Campbell and Ganther will be as well. Your thoughts? Mine. Bruce Allen has a great deal of work ahead of him if this is the...
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