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  1. riggins44

    Pellet Grill/smoker

    Now that weather is getting warm and the days longer, it's time for my annual think about a new grill purchase. Recently a friend bought a pellet grill/smoker and loves it. I've been hearing more and more about these. Does anyone have any experience with them? Any feedback good or bad?
  2. riggins44

    Bye Week Plans

    I was curious to see if you planned to watch any football this weekend? I just read an article about how Papa John's sales are down and it's been attributed to decline in NFL ratings. For me I probably won't watch any football, but spend time with my wife and family. This is kind of...
  3. riggins44

    Valentines Day

    I was just curious what the romantics here were planning for their significant other(s)? The other night a jewelry commercial came on TV, which prompted my wife to say don't by me any jewelry. She said she would rather have some topsoil and mulch for the back yard. Since she manages a florist...
  4. riggins44

    California Rejects VW Recall Plan

    This may or may not be of interest to most. If you own a VW it is something worth watching. "CARB rejected Volkswagen's recall plan because it contained gaps and lacked sufficient detail. The agency said Volkswagen's descriptions of proposed repairs lacked enough information for a technical...
  5. riggins44

    RGII gets 10 days for reckless driving

    Wasn't sure best place for this, but RGII won't be attending any games for few weeks. Father of Redskins quarterback to serve jail time in Hampton for reckless driving - Daily Press The father of Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has been ordered to serve 10 days in a Hampton...
  6. riggins44

    Snowshoe Resort Questions

    My youngest son leaves to do an externship at Snowshoe, WV in couple weeks. He will be there about 3 months. Currently he drives a 2WD Ford Ranger. I want to do know if he will need tire chains or something like Autosock? Also, how far is it from resort area to where he would go to get...
  7. riggins44

    Game updates

    I am enroute to Radford and will be moving my son in. Please post updates and reports, since can't watch game. HTTR Posted via BGO Mobile Device
  8. riggins44

    Mount Rushmore

    As a change a pace from RG3 and draft scenario threads, I decided to pose the same question a friend of mine asked me. What 4 faces would you have adorn your Redskin Mount Rushmore? The parameters given to me was it had to be someone from the time you were a fan. Here is mine. Gibbs...
  9. riggins44

    This doesn't make sense...

    http://www.csnwashington.com/blog/redskins-talk/post/Under-new-CBA-football-not-allowed?blockID=646568&feedID=6355 How did this ever get passed? I understand giving players time to work on their degrees or other interests...but can't talk football with coaches? Can't have a football on a...
  10. riggins44

    Super Bowl Menu

    I am starting to nail down my Super Bowl menu. Will just be my family, but still enjoy good food for the game. My wife wants me to do a variety of wings again. I would like to see what culinary plans others have. It may inspire me to do something different.
  11. riggins44

    Medical Question

    I am at a complete loss when anything medical is discussed, so have quick question. My mother fell Friday afternoon. She couldn't put weight on one leg. At ER the x-rays showed a cracked knee cap. Not sure if any other damage. Question is how do you treat a cracked knee cap? We're praying...
  12. riggins44

    Dan Snyder's new boat...

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/reliable-source/post/dan-snyder-buys-224-foot-super-yacht/2011/10/04/gIQAjSG1LL_blog.html What a waste. It isn't good for fishing, clamming, or crabbing.
  13. riggins44

    anybody know someone at Verizon?

    Verizon was suppose to upgrade my business dsl to Fios on Monday. Due to strike they couldn't. In meantime they deactivated my dsl account, so we are dead in the water. Can't find anyone who knows what to do, plus dsl people can't do anything until Fios people do something. I'm pissed...
  14. riggins44

    Lessons from Football

    #1 'Football is only a game. Spiritual things are eternal. Nevertheless, Beat Texas ' - Seen on a church sign in Arkansas prior to the 1969 game. #2. 'After you retire, there's only one big event left... and I ain't ready for that.' - Bobby Bowden / Florida State #3. 'The man...
  15. riggins44

    Next Season Opponents

    This early look at next season. Looks like we play AFC East. http://voices.washingtonpost.com/redskinsinsider/redskins-in-11-only-three-play.html With the NFL's regular season coming to a conclusion with Sunday night's St. Louis-Seattle game, the Redskins' schedule of opponents is...
  16. riggins44

    Thanksgiving Menu

    First, want to wish everyone here a Happy Thanksgiving and may the Cowboys get whipped. Now to the important stuff. I will be making first attempt at fixing turducken. Will also do a beer can chicken. My wife and son will do the sides and deserts. Happy Thanksgiving!
  17. riggins44

    Aikman and Buck

    I was curious to hear how Aikman and Buck did calling our game yesterday? During the Philly game they seemed pro Philly. Was yesterday any different? Did they discuss the poor officiating and lack of holding calls on Orakpo?
  18. riggins44

    2010 Redskin Schedule via Redskin Insider

    http://voices.washingtonpost.com/redskinsinsider/redskins-2010-regular-season-s.html 1: Dal (SNF) 2: Hou 3: @StL 4: @ Phi 5: GB 6: Ind (SNF) 7: @Chi 8: @Det 9: BYE 10: Phi (MNF) 11: @TEN 12: MIN 13: @NYG 14: TB 15: @DAL 16: @JAX 17: NYG
  19. riggins44

    The 20 Greatest War Movies of All Time

    http://www.foxnews.com/slideshow/entertainment/2010/03/12/greatest-war-movies-time?test=faces Saw this today and can't believe some of the movies they left off. Can't believe Patton, Great Escape, Guns of Navarone, Twelve O'Clock High, Battle of the Bulge, Sands of Iwo Jima, Hamburger Hill...
  20. riggins44

    Flat Screen TV's

    I always heard the best time to buy a TV is just before the Super Bowl. Is this true or is there a better time? My father is looking to purchase a flat screen and is in no hurry.
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