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  1. A Blast from the past....young Vinny

    I don't recall the lead up to that draft, but I do remember the Browns being somewhat torn between Brown and LaVar but to telegraph the Samuels pick like that where he is speaking as if he'd already been drafted by the 'Skins just shows the FO cockiness and stupidity at that point in time. What...
  2. The NFLPA is prepared to sign an extension of the CBA today 3/2!!!!!!!!

    I think that what they are trying to do here is to ensure there is a salary cap floor, that teams can't be super stingy under the 2010 uncapped year and therefore cost them money. At least that's what I thought of when I read this. I don't honestly know though.
  3. Shefter - Redskins to hire McCardell as WR Coach

    I like this hire, going to be a little odd for Moss and El (If he's still here) as htey were recently teammates but still... Source: Redskins to hire McCardell By Adam Schefter ESPN The Washington Redskins will hire former Pro Bowl wide...
  4. Drew Brees: Consideration for Sam Bradford?

    I'm torn here, I feel as though you must grab a franchise QB when you're in the spot though I'm not sure about Bradford. If it were say Andrew Luck after a few years under Harbaugh, Matt Barkley after 3 years @ USC or heck even Jake Locker I'd be all for it. As of now, I"m not entirely sure...
  5. Tracking NFL Asst. Coaches

    Not sure of any off hand but the Broncos do have a pretty good message board that you might try.
  6. Existing Personnel Under Shanahan

    I would love to see Bobby April hired. While I like Danny Smith's fire, I just refuse to believe that our return units couldn't have been more productive. I mean, we sign ARE who was a very, very good PR and all of the sudden with the Skins he regresses to the point of being one of the worst...
  7. Two Things I Would Like to See In Last 2 Games

    Except that Carter has a no trade clause IIRC. I would love to see both. I also wonder how Horton will fill in when he returns to the lineup next year. Don't know that he's capable of playing FS in the role that we like to play them here either. To say that Landry has been a dissapointment...
  8. Zorn and Vinny fighting?

    I remember reading a post from Steinberg a while back transcribing an interview with Sonny. He seemed to tie Vinny's fate here to how the team fared down the stretch with Sherm Lewis calling the plays. That was his shot at redemption and if it were to fail along with everything else, he...
  9. Who is most responsible for the loss

    I think that a large part of the blame resides with Zorn! When you are a 3 win team up against a team like the Saints who can and have scored at will, you DO NOT give up on a super hot QB and passing game for a FG, you just can't do it. I would have thought he'd learned his lesson by being...
  10. Keim: Redskins to sign QB Bartel

    I knew the name sounded familiar, I actually happen to really like the Replacements, good movie.
  11. What Cowboys Game Really Showed

    Especially since he's not been active at all this season IIRC. Don't know what, if anything, was expected from Tryon this season and he's been a surprise, but I still don't get drafting him when you had plenty of OL candidates available. Couple that with the past misses on drafted offensive...
  12. What Does the Broncos Win Really Mean?

    Yeah, it seemed like a mistake and although it was a bad mistake, it didn't seem enough to deserve a benching especially when you aren't doing so with player like Hall and Landry who are consistently missing tackles whether it be because of over-agressiveness or being afraid to hit. I'd...
  13. What Does the Broncos Win Really Mean?

    Good analysis, I agree. For the record though, I believe it was Smoot playing FS on that 2nd TD. It seemed to me that Rogers spent a lot of time on the bench in the 2nd half. Did I see that incorrectly?
  14. I question whether the team has any passion

    This is what they need...Too bad that Zorn isn't the guy who'd do this and if he did it'd be way too transparent.
  15. I question whether the team has any passion

    It's definately a legitimate question, I am just really tired of this team playing down to their level of competition. I wonder who/when that will ever change.
  16. What would a loss in Detroit mean?

    I don't think they'll lose, but if they do it'll hopefully serve up a sense of urgency that the Redskins seem to have been lacking for quite some time now. Hopefully it'll serve to humble a few of them that aren't trying as hard off the field as they should. Hopefully though, it'll be a 14+...
  17. Thanks guys

    Great post Sarge, it's so not "extreme" here and that's such a good thing. On another note, I'm watching the SNF game on DVR delay and they just said "Giants and Cowboys kick off next" and my 4 year old son says BOO Cowboys! Will teach him the Giants thing later but my goodness, I'm a proud...
  18. Great Business Deal!!!!!!!!!

    It's funny, I found a post/article quite a few years ago where someone acted as if they were interested in one of these scams. Had to be one of the funniest things I've read in a while. I'll see if I can't find it somewhere though it's been a few years.
  19. Happy Birthday Air Force

    My Grandfather was a Colonel in the Air Force, though we lived on different ends of the states, I looked up to the man and appreciate/respect him to this day. I can tell you that his service @ Arlington National Cemetary was, while sad, one of the most awe inspiring events in my life. Thank...
  20. Sellers inks extension

    Boone, I somewhat agree with you, however I think it has more to do with being under-utilized than ineffective. However, you may be on to something in that when he is utilized, there is a chance that he does indeed make a bad play so maybe there is something there. My hope is that it was done...
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