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  1. Beetlejuice

    Trent Williams - Still Practicing Rectal Vocalization He got exactly what he wanted and he's out of Washington. Yet he continues to tell these stories full of lies. Nobody cares Trent, and nobody believes you.
  2. Beetlejuice

    The Quick Question Thread

    Sometimes we just have a quick question, but it doesn't fit in a current thread. I figure it would be good to have a thread for those random questions. My question, since I'm not a fan of googling medical questions (they always seem to say you have cancer) is this - For several days now, every...
  3. Beetlejuice


    We all have shows, movies, bands, songs, etc. that we love even though we shouldn't. You know the kind I'm talking about - the kind where you're almost embarrassed to admit you like something, even though you secretly love it. In high school, I loved The Cranberries. As I've gotten older, I...
  4. Beetlejuice

    How To Defend Yourself Against Every Fighting Style In The World (Satire) This made me laugh out loud, because almost half of them are essentially true.
  5. Beetlejuice

    Conspiracy Theories & The People Who Believe Them

    I must start off by saying, if anyone here is a conspiracy theorist - that's your thing, I'm not here to knock it. I'm just curious about why some of them are even a thing, and why the people who believe in them think anyone who doesn't is an idiot. I have a friend. We'll call him JR, because...
  6. Beetlejuice

    The Reluctance To Elect Special Teamers To The HOF - Featuring Brian Mitchell & Darren Sproles

    I read a story this morning where TMZ caught up with Darren Sproles and asked him about the possibility of enshrinement in the HOF. When asked directly if he is a HOF player, he responds, "I feel like I am." Well, I feel like you are too Mr. Sproles. Likewise for Brian Mitchell. This made me...
  7. Beetlejuice

    Who Is The Funniest Little Known Comedian?

    Brad Williams, midget comedian. Stumbled across him by accident, one of the best I've ever seen. This clip is from a series that I believe is 7 parts long, each segment better than the previous. If you can find someone funnier than him that I haven't heard of, I will be highly impressed.
  8. Beetlejuice

    David Carr Is Equally Mediocre As An Analyst And A QB (His Top 10 QBs To Acquire) Of course he's entitled to his opinion, even if it is wrong. I just don't see how anyone can believe that if you need a QB right now, and you can draft anyone or sign any free...
  9. Beetlejuice

    I Sustained Serious Injuries On A Lime Scooter Today. They Told Me To Sue Them.

    Since I got out last year, I am still working toward purchasing a vehicle, which I will finally be able to do next month. As a result, I've had to rely on riding Lime scooters to and from work every day. I've logged nearly 500 miles and never had an incident. On my way home today, I was going...
  10. Beetlejuice

    Being A Parent Can Be Terrifying (please Give Your Opinion On This)

    I got a call today that I hoped I would never get. My daughter and her boyfriend were in a serious accident. Thank God they are both ok, but the car is done. They've been together since 2015 and they are both brilliant and don't do anything stupid, so I want to give them the benefit of the...
  11. Beetlejuice

    Any Funny Or Entertaining Websites You Know Of?

    I don't mean the big ones like Uber Humor, Buzzfeed, or things like that. I mean the more random things like you find by accident and turn out to be awesome. I found one late last night called and I was on it for way too long. Basically some guy contacts random people through...
  12. Beetlejuice

    Does Anyone Here Still Have The Passion They Once Had For This Team?

    I'm sure all of us remember the days when we'd drop whatever we were doing to make sure we watched the game from whistle to whistle. Worrying about certain opponents, getting fired up and talking trash, nearly getting in fights when someone talked shit about our team, and just being excited as...
  13. Beetlejuice

    Please Help Me Figure Out The Name Of This Movie

    I know we have a lot of movie buffs here, so someone is bound to know. I know a lot about the movie, but due to health problems last year I have a problem with recall quite often. The movie came out I believe between 2005-2012. I'm aware that's a wide range, but it helps. It takes place in the...
  14. Beetlejuice

    Since We've Become A Joke, Here Are Some Fitting Jokes

    Q: What's the difference between OJ Simpson and the Redskins? A: OJ at least had a defense! Q: What do the Washington Redskins and a Chick-Fil-A manager have in common? A: Neither one shows up for work on Sunday. Q: What's the difference between the Washington Redskins and a dollar bill? A...
  15. Beetlejuice

    Eli Manning Is Not A Hall Of Fame Quarterback

    Half of my family are Giants fans, When Eli was benched, they unanimously proclaimed HALL OF FAME! I never saw him as elite, even in his prime. Then I came across this article that sums it up pretty accurately for anyone who think he deserves to be in the HOF. To me, he is a perfect example of...
  16. Beetlejuice

    Netflix/Hulu/Prime, etc. Recommendations

    I used to be a fan of Netflix, but it seems like every show they release that I love gets cancelled. This appears to be a very common issue among subscribers. I recently got Hulu, and it hasn't been disappointing. Overall, I like Hulu far more than I do Netflix. Amazon Prime to me has been a...
  17. Beetlejuice

    I've Been Here Before.......

    Life certainly has a way of kicking you when you're down sometimes, but I'm a fan of never letting the negativity take control of you. Even though I'll be the first to admit that I myself had a hand in creating the chaos on more than one occasion in my life. I'm not a new member, far from it...
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