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  1. MikefromOH

    The 29 Percenters Great article about the name change and the actual numbers behind the polls.
  2. MikefromOH

    Random Cool Trivia

    After Boone posted "did you know Don Shula played CB for the Skins?" it got me thinking we should have a thread for things like that. EVERYONE knows something cool and random that would be interesting. Something you could use at a party to impress, might help with trivia, etc. I'll start...
  3. MikefromOH

    Hall of Fame HB Bobby Mitchell dies at 84

    The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced the passing of Hall of Famer Bobby Mitchell on Sunday afternoon at the age of 84. "The entire Pro Football Hall of Fame family mourns the passing of Bobby Mitchell. The Game lost a true legend today," Hall of Fame President and CEO David Baker said in a...
  4. MikefromOH

    Coronavirus - COVID19

    The state of OH shut all schools down from K-12 All NCAA and pro sports have been canceled/postponed St Patty's Day parade canceled My job has 4 cases in the county My county now reporting 1 confirmed case. We have 100K people in the entire county so it is a big deal. I have a friend from NYC...
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