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  1. Boone

    Comment by 'Boone' in pool '2020 BGO NFL Pickem Contest'

    Nice job for 5 of you on the Week 2 opener - not many saw the Browns taking this one!
  2. Boone

    Jonathan Allen on Week 1 Win

  3. Boone

    WFT Presser 9/17/20: Ron Rivera

  4. Boone

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday to Special K! Hope you are having a great one Katie :cheers:
  5. Boone

    WFT Quotes 9/16/20: Dwayne Haskins Jr.

    September 16, 2020 QB Dwayne Haskins Jr. On the difference between the first and second half against the Eagles: “I think the biggest thing as far as turning it around going into the second quarter and halftime of that game was just trusting in what we were doing and just understanding that...
  6. Boone

    WFT Quotes 9/16/20: Scott Turner

    September 16, 2020 Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner On the first game: “So, I told our guys on Saturday night before the game that there was going to be adversity. It’s Week 1, it’s a division opponent, Philly’s a good team. Now, did I think it was going to start the way it did and be down...
  7. Boone

    WFT Quotes 9/16/20: Ron Rivera

    September 16, 2020 Head Coach Ron Rivera On maintaining momentum from the Week 1 win: “Well, I think the biggest thing is just focusing on our next opponent. We’re playing an opponent that won last week. We’re facing an opponent that’s a good football team. Again, reality comes back very...
  8. Boone

    Random WFT Thoughts

    Don’t we also have to take into account the volume of passing situations now compared to then? I mean, 30 passes in a game during Manley’s era was a lot. Today it’s probably below average. More passing downs, more opportunity for sacks.
  9. Boone

    2020 BGO Pickem Contest: Week 1 Results

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m not confident in week 2... lot of toss up games imho. And home field advantage is a non-factor so one can’t look at that as a tie-breaker in games that will likely be close and tough to predict.
  10. Boone

    Game Day - 2020 Week 2 - Washington @ Arizona

    The first couple of times the little water bug runs into Chase Young as he’s taking off out of the pocket might give him pause :) I might have Young do nothing but spy him. If anyone can neutralize a mobile QB it’s Chase.
  11. Boone

    Game Day - 2020 Week 2 - Washington @ Arizona

    It’s hard for Murray to escape the pocket if there is no pocket. Intense pressure from every side. I think that’s better than ‘containment’. But I understand the fear of him getting loose. I’d still rather see us be ultra aggressive and put his ass on the ground multiple times.
  12. Boone

    2020 BGO Pickem Contest: Week 1 Results

    2nd cup of coffee on the way... lol
  13. Boone

    2020 BGO Pickem Contest: Week 1 Results

    For some reason, when I entered the final scores for the Monday night games, they didn’t save correctly. Fixed now and first post corrected. Thanks for the catch, especially because it turns out I only got one wrong :)
  14. Boone

    Of course we won

    I’m sure a lot of folks share that sentiment. I’ll give you credit for admitting you are having second thoughts about walking away from it all. Some will be too stubborn to admit it :)
  15. Boone

    Random Thoughts

    Hope so BB. Better days ahead brother!
  16. Boone

    2020 BGO Pickem Contest: Week 1 Results

    You guys can see results in the software (the only limitation is, I have to have updated final scores which may take me a bit each week). I'm just posting a weekly thread for smack talk purposes. Speaking of which, I smoked all you fools.
  17. Boone

    2020 BGO Pickem Contest: Week 1 Results

    In our first week, it was Boone at the top with a 15-1 record. Tied for 2nd place were redskins26 and SilentThreat going 13-3 on the week. In 3rd place was Kel Varnsen with an 12-4 record. Rounding out the top 10 on the week were MisterPinstripe, RobinTom, Canadian Hog, China, Posse Lover, and...
  18. Boone

    Regular Season Practice / Roster updates

    My unpopular opinion... they need to leave Apke out there and see if he can learn. He showed enough athleticism and speed to get the nod to start... give him at least half a season before we move on. I know what the retort is... can’t teach instincts, he takes bad angles, etc... but honestly we...
  19. Boone

    Game Day - 2020 Week 2 - Washington @ Arizona

    That’s true. But you know who will have a bigger challenge? That Cardinals OL :)
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