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  1. Elephant

    V-E Day

    Tom Brokaw called them the greatest generation...the sacrifices made by those who saw tyrannical forces throughout the world threatening our very freedom, were paralleled only by those fighting to maintain a Union and those fighting to establish the greatest country mankind has ever seen. Those...
  2. Elephant

    Brady Walked into Wrong House: Gets Caught Cheating

    Well, apparently it looks like Brady learned a lot from Belicheat. He was exposed because Tommy Terrific walked into a Tampa home, thinking it was OC Byron Leftwich's house, dropped a duffle bag on the floor, looked over at the owner and said, "Am I in the wrong house?" He was apparently going...
  3. Elephant

    My Wife is Performing at a Concert Tonight

    Hello all, I have mentioned in the past that my wife is one of the lead singers in the Worship Group at the church. Tonight they are performing for what was supposed to be the public, but attendance was limited to just family members of the band because of the Wuhan virus. Well, they will be...
  4. Elephant

    Super Bowl LIV Thread

    OK, I have been holding off on my prediction til closer to the game, so let's stir the pot! Many times, great players carry teams to Championships. The Chiefs have a great one in Patrick Mahomes, and that kid is hard to stop. But he can be stopped, and was 4 times this year. It just takes a...
  5. Elephant

    Bleacher Report: Top 50 Coaches of All Time

    This list is out of control! The first thing I noticed was Mike Ditka was on the list ahead of Bill Walsh...who they had at 39. Bill Walsh as the 39th best coach of all time? I know there are other sports to consider, but 39? And when I saw Landry, and Shula ahead of Gibbs...who they had at...
  6. Elephant

    Niles Paul Retires

    In an instagram post, Niles Paul announced his retirement from the NFL. For a good stretch Niles Paul was our best special teams player, had a few game winning catches, and won the Ed Block courage award. While he never lived up to some hype surrounding him when he arrived in DC, he worked...
  7. Elephant

    AAF: One Big Clusterf**k

    What a shame! I watched some good football, average football, and poor football in this league's short existence. It had promise! I read an article last week that said the league was on the brink of shutting down because they couldn't get the NFL to agree to allow players that were under...
  8. Elephant

    Redskins Hire Rob Ryan as Linebackers Coach * Can someone just shoot me in the head now, please! Put me out of my misery, already! * Of course I must post a disclaimer, this is not a real cry for help...just expressing disgust!
  9. Elephant

    Reuben Foster: Latest Charges Dropped

    Well, looks like the latest domestic violence charges were dropped. We'll see how the league handles this, there should be no consequences if there weren't in the legal arena, but they hate us, so...
  10. Elephant

    Brian Orakpo Retires

    I know he retires as a Titan, but he spent his 1st 6 seasons here. He gave a lot to this team, playing the majority of his time here out of position...and played it well. He got a raw deal, forced to play OLB in the 3-4. His career took a turn for the worse after his 1st pectoral tear, but he...
  11. Elephant

    Happy New Year 2019!!!

    Just wanted to wish all you sum bitches a happy new year!
  12. Elephant

    Dog Owner Thread

    Just wanted to share some images of my pups! And see what you guys have if you have dogs. These guys are best of friends First day home with the new pup and they are in harmony! This guy is about 10 months old here. This was his first day home. Exactly one year later and 120 pounds...
  13. Elephant

    Joe Gibbs: A Football Life

    I watched the special on coach the other day and I have to say I expected better. It was refreshing to see how they did have some of the former players like Green and Bostic discuss how great he was, but there was a lot left unsaid. I am not as disappointed as DP44 was over in the Random Thought...
  14. Elephant

    2017 NCAA Football

    Was a pretty good day of football so far, stoked about tonight's matchup between our #3 Florida State Seminoles and the other team who is ranked #1 . Go Noles! Oh...and Maryland looked damned good on offense.
  15. Elephant

    Images: Redskins v Packers 11/20/16

    Not my best work, but here is what I got from last night's game.
  16. Elephant

    Jordan Reed: Fastest TE to 200 Catches in NFL History

    Jordan Reed's Jersey Reaches The Pro Football Hall Of Fame So, are they counting games, or games he actually played in? Nonetheless, kudos Jordan Reed.
  17. Elephant

    2016 NCAA Football Thread

    As much as I love NFL football, I think the every Saturday games in NCAA are much better football. I simply don't have the passion for the Seminoles as I do for the Redskins. Here's the AP top 25 poll to get the season started. Glad to see our Noles ranked so high, hope they can maintain the...
  18. Elephant

    TV Show Discussion Thread

    Well, I am starting this over. Anyone see Game of Thrones tonight? Cersi Lanister is one evil bitch!
  19. Elephant

    Random NFL Thoughts

    I thought there was a random thought thread within this forum...searched it and could not find it. Anyway, I did not think this warranted it's own thread. It appears RG3 is struggling in Cleveland. Robert Griffin III looked shaky in Browns? practices | ProFootballTalk
  20. Elephant

    Ranking All 49 Super Bowl Champions: Redskins 1991 #1

    We often complain about the lack of credit given that 1991 team, most of us agree there weren't many all around teams who were better. Well, here are some well deserved accolades. Ranking all 49 Super Bowl champions, from best to worst | For The Win
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