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  1. Redskins Recon

    The Panthers: Reaction to Ron Rivera Departure

    For our first Redskins Recon mission of 2020, we snuck behind enemy lines to gather intel on Ron Rivera from the Carolina Panther fans who know him best. As with any fanbase, we expected Rivera's departure from the Panthers to draw mixed reactions. We were right. Most Panther's fans seem to...
  2. Redskins Recon

    Are the Vikes really this good?

    A lot of people are surprised at the Vikes being 4-1, even some of the Vikes fans. It shows up in the tone of some posts-confident, but with an edge of "Are we really this good?" "Sleepy" got another mention. There was some debate over who they'd rather face, Griffin or Cousins...
  3. Redskins Recon

    The Falcons: Spy vs. Spy

    The Falcons. The 4-0, just escaped a close call with the Panthers, Falcons. Spoken of at the same level as the Texans as being one of the best teams in the league right now. And they're coming to FedEx. In past years they would have made a few snarky, giggling comments about the inevitable...
  4. Redskins Recon

    The Rams: The smell of fear?

    How long has it been since the fans of an upcoming opponent actually expressed fear about playing the Redskins? Been a while, hasn't it? Well, not everybody in Ramsland feels afraid of the Skins...or were willing to let it be known...but the majority expressed fear about some aspect of the...
  5. Redskins Recon

    Confidence + Hope + Fear = ?

    Bengals fans are confident...sort of. They're encouraged by the Redskins defensive breakdown against the Rams-and by the loss of Orakpo and Carriker. But they, like probably everyone else the Redskins will play this season, are very concerned about stopping RG3.
  6. Redskins Recon

    Talk about you? Let's talk about us.

    Fans of NFL teams quite often prefer talking about themselves when discussing upcoming games rather than the opponent. Bucs fans are among them. However, as is the case most of the time it seems, RG3 gets his own threads. One had an ominous title. "Let's hit RG3" Other comments showed up...
  7. Redskins Recon

    The Saints-Face of the Franchise

    At Last! Our new RG3-led Redskins in action-for real. And playing the New Orleans Saints. Face of the Franchise? Well, for the Saints that would be Drew Brees. And for the Redskins? Well Saints fans have already decided that one. RG3. Most of the talk about the upcoming game with the...
  8. Redskins Recon

    The Preseason-The Bucs; Game?...What game?

    This may be one of the shortest Redskins Recons I will ever do. And the reason is puzzling. There's a preseason game between the Redskins and Bucs Wednesday. Bucs fans either forgot about it or don't care. I searched six Bucs forums for a Redskins/Bucs preseason game thread and...
  9. Redskins Recon

    The Colts; Luck vs. RG3-Hype vs. Reality

    Ah the hype....My God the hype. Everywhere. Except among Colts fans-they're not buying into the Luck vs. Griffin hype very much. Refreshing, if you ask me. I think Shanahan and Allen can empathize with that. Tough decisions all around. One of my favorite comments came from TKnight85...
  10. Redskins Recon

    The Preseason-Da Bears

    O.K., preseason game #2-Da Bears. There wasn't a whole lot of discussion of the upcoming preseason game with the Redskins but I did find a few mentions. Mostly what Bears fans are talking about rings uncomfortably close to something Redskins fans are concerned about-OL worries. The status of...
  11. Redskins Recon

    The Pre-Season-The Bills

    Finally! Redskins football...finally. New faces, new talent, new attitudes; we've been hearing about it all summer and I for one, am itching to see the "new and improved" Redskins in action against another NFL team and it's starting Thursday...finally. Yeah, it's just the pre-season and we...
  12. Redskins Recon

    The Great Cap Space Caper-conversation in a Giants forum

    I was asked to peruse forums and see what was being said about the current Redskins/Cowboys cap space removal threat from the NFL. I decided to do something a bit different and post most of an entire thread. From a Giants fan forum no less. BTW, the poster Ntegrase96, is a Cowboys fan...
  13. Redskins Recon

    The Big Trade Part 2-Other Opinions

    There are other teams whose fans thoughts about the Redskins trading for the #2 pick and apparently getting RGIII at QB I thought would be of interest-the Browns, Rams, Colts, Dolphins, and Jaguars in this case. Browns Rams sosa39rams disagreed with lostsoul here... Colts Colts...
  14. Redskins Recon

    The Big Trade Part 1-NFCE Reaction

    Well the Redskins have gone and done it again, grabbed the NFL's headline machine and given it a mighty spin-one that's reverberating throughout the league like so many moves the Redskins have made in the past. Like the past there are reactions everywhere among the fans of every team in the NFL...
  15. Redskins Recon

    The Offseason-Picks 7 through 12

    Now come the fans of the teams whose draft slots are close behind the Redskins. The Jags, Dolphins, Panthers, Bills, Chiefs and Seahawks. Picks 7 through 12-these are the ones who might want to trade-up for RG3, or Luck, or maybe join the contest to grab Matt Flynn or possibly somebody else...
  16. Redskins Recon

    The Offseason-The First Five Teams In The Draft

    The top five draft picks. The teams that pick ahead of the Redskins. The place where Luck, Griffin, Kalil, and Blackmon-the "super-hot" properties reside. The place where the teams desperate for their "franchise QB or whatever" will try to trade up to and the teams who might be willing to...
  17. Redskins Recon

    "Dream Team" despair...Part 2

    I've discovered something. The more disgusted a fanbase seems to be with their team, the fewer threads there are about upcoming opponents-most are about how/why their team sucks. You remember all the negative things they were saying in October? That hasn't changed much. Here's a link to that...
  18. Redskins Recon

    The Eagles: Not Flying So High

    I have not in the entire time I have been doing Redskins Recon ever seen the Eagles' fans like this. They are depressed, despondent, not very fond of Chip Kelly right at the moment and, most unusual of all, not at all confident about winning the game against the Skins this weekend. It's weird...
  19. Redskins Recon

    The Bills: "Keep Hope Alive" on life support?

    Whew, the Buffalo Bills fanbase has to be the most depessed I have run across this season. Positive comments are hard to find anywhere. If you remember the "Doom, Despair, Agony on me" song from Hee-Haw you have captured the essense of what I found pretty much throughout Bills fan boards...
  20. Redskins Recon

    Da Bears: Grizzly Bears or Teddy Bears?

    Da Bears. Under-achieving, losing to a dismally bad 49ers team, and they have a pretty much disgusted and unhappy fanbase. Some think the Bears might win this game, not because they're all that good but because they consider the Redskins to be as bad as they are and mabe just enough worse...
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