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  1. Win4us

    Build the ALL TIME Redskins team!

    Alright the Redskins have challenged fans to build an all time roster using their designated player list in the link. Seems kind of fun Quarterback (pick 1) The choices: Sonny...
  2. Win4us

    Trent Williams Granted Permission to Pursue Trade

    Finally letting Trent seek a trade, good f’n riddance. Cleveland’s 2nd rounder sounds about right Trent Williams reportedly granted permission to seek trade
  3. Win4us

    Celebrity Passings

    Not sure where the other one went but here's a thread we can post about famous actors/actresses, athletes, musicians, politicians etc that have passed on. Ron Lester who played Billy Bob in the movie 'Varsity Blues' has passed...
  4. Win4us

    Firearm Thread

    Hey all, I figured we have enough firearm owners here to warrant this thread. Basically any and all firearm related topics and discussion. Here is my latest purchase, it's a Springfield XD mod 2 subcompact .45 caliber. I have yet to shoot it but it grips nice and is very balanced. Whatcha got?
  5. Win4us

    The Pet Thread

    I thought a thread concerning any and all things pets would be a fun idea. Basically pics of your own pets with advice on training, diet and so forth could be shared. For starters, does anyone have a good method on house training puppies? Below is the trainee.
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