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  1. Facebook said my account was compromised

    No, we had a turtle hatchling show up at the door last week and we took it in. My wife made me a member of some turtle group and some dude in there that apparently hates everyone (which I don't get why I'd be targeted since I never posted there) reported a ton of members for having fake...
  2. Facebook said my account was compromised

    They froze it, and I had to create a new one. Since apparently those of you who I had on my friends list - Derek, Mike, etc. hate people more than I do somehow, it won't let me send you a friend request. Throw one my way, it's under my real name. No more Noluck :D
  3. Opine on the picks

    The one major thing that stands out for me in the highlight reel - he leads with his helmet on every single hit but one. That's no good. If he can't fix it, he'll get fined and suspended off the field like Merriweather.
  4. Show Yourselves!

    Silence! I keel you.
  5. Summer Garden Time

    Now that we're renting, we had to ask the landlord before doing a garden. They said no. I'm laying out plans to make it twice as big as I originally planned, because it doesn't violate anything in the lease, we wouldn't be causing any damage, and we don't plan on staying here anyway :D Besides...
  6. Show Yourselves!

    Anybody got some lumber that needs jacking? I look like I could be on a pack of toilet paper or paper towels lol.
  7. Music Recommendation Thread

    Love the funk feel this has
  8. What's for Dinner?

    Making a massive chuck roast with vegetables and mashed potatoes. It smells so good, I'm about ready to pull it out now. The only thing stopping me, is knowing from first hand experience that the pull out method never works ;)
  9. Unbelievably Easy Way To Harvest Honey

    I remember a while back, a couple of members here were talking about wanting to get into beekeeping to make their own honey. I saw this video today, and thought it was pretty amazing.
  10. Mr. Irrelevant: How To Quit The Redskins Cold Turkey

    My view, is even if the product isn't what we wanted, it's all we've got. I love watching football, but the only team I like is the Redskins. There is no other team in the NFL or college that I even slightly care about. Since I love football, I will always root for the team I love, as long as...
  11. Mr. Irrelevant: How To Quit The Redskins Cold Turkey

    I hate the miserable seasons, but I was around for the glory days. I love my team, I couldn't imagine not rooting for them. I definitely wouldn't ever root for another team. I will never quit on the for their play, they can't be bad forever. I always have faith they can turn it around, even when...
  12. Memory Foam

    I was talking about the mattress itself. The only topper I ever had was a lower end memory foam one, and that was an epic waste of money. If you can get it at Walmart or Target, I can guarantee you it won't be worth a penny of the money you spend on it.
  13. Memory Foam

    Did you get it just to have it as a luxury, or did you get it because you had back problems? I only ask, because it makes a difference. Going from no problems to a better mattress won't suddenly create problems. Then again, maybe IKEA makes a really good mattress. My brother loves his too, but...
  14. Music Recommendation Thread

    It has a White Stripes/Led Zeppelin feel to it.
  15. Memory Foam

    I checked out Tempurpedic, and I checked out competitors. Serta makes one that looks and feels almost exactly the same as Tempurpedic, and it was 1/6 the cost at Sam's Club, so we bought it. Barely a year later, we both regret it. It's shit. We'll be getting a Tempurpedic with our tax return...
  16. 5th Annual BGO Ballers Fantasy Football League

    This is why I hate FF :D
  17. 5th Annual BGO Ballers Fantasy Football League

    Trust me, I feel your pain. a WR I started only put up 1 point. The guy I benched to put him in scored over 21. Fantasy football will drive a sane man to madness.
  18. Game Notes: Redskins at Colts

    Are you high? He threw 3 passes in that game before his injury. He didn't beat anybody, Cousins did. It was 0-0 when Robert left the game.
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