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  1. Facebook said my account was compromised

    They froze it, and I had to create a new one. Since apparently those of you who I had on my friends list - Derek, Mike, etc. hate people more than I do somehow, it won't let me send you a friend request. Throw one my way, it's under my real name. No more Noluck :D
  2. Unbelievably Easy Way To Harvest Honey

    I remember a while back, a couple of members here were talking about wanting to get into beekeeping to make their own honey. I saw this video today, and thought it was pretty amazing.
  3. Can My Landlord Legally Do This?

    On October 1st, we signed a one year lease for an awesome house. We were required to pay a $3,500 deposit for the house, plus a $400 deposit for our dogs. Our cost of moving was $400, our natural gas deposit was $250, and our deposit for electricity was $250. So just over a month ago, we spent...
  4. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. Cures Cost Lots Of Money Folks. LOTS.

    My father was diagnosed several years back with advanced stage Hepatitis C. They believe he acquired it from a blood transfusion he received after losing a lot of blood during hernia surgery in the early 80s before blood was screened like it is today. As a result of having the disease and not...
  5. Legal/Mortgage Question (About how to dump a house with crazy situation)

    My dad purchased his house in 2006 for $210,000. His only source of income is his Social Security Disability he receives every month. The last appraisal had the house at $153,000. He still owes $160,000 or so. So it's pretty worthless at this point in time. The neighborhood is full of...
  6. My Summer Will Be Hell. No A/C, Worthless Home Warranty.

    My A/C quit working over a week ago. Our home warranty company covers failed appliances, to include the air conditioning and heating. Our paperwork says all we have to do is pay the $85 deductible, and they will take care of the rest. So we called and filed a claim. A few days later, an HVAC...
  7. Crazy/Stupid/Funny News

    Man Admits To Murdering Wife And Former Lover On Dating Show : News : Headlines & Global News I'm not really sure how to react, other than be at a total loss for words.
  8. Landscaping Tips For Dummies

    It's the time of year when the weather finally turns nice, and people decide to spend billions improving their lawns and landscapes. Unfortunately for most, they don't have the knowledge to buy the proper tools or products, and end up spending good money on terrible products, and spend more...
  9. Martin Maldonado Hits Cover Off Baseball

    The kid's a natural :laugh:
  10. Happy Easter BGO

    Watching some movies, eating some food, having a grand old time with the family. Have a great one everybody! (fwiw, a quiet sunrise service on the oceanfront on a cold windy day has a pretty sweet effect on the soul)
  11. McNabb Arrested.....Lulz To Ensue

    Donovan McNabb Arrested: Latest Details, Mugshot and More on Former NFL Star | Bleacher Report The incident reportedly happened on December 15th. If something about that seems familiar, it's because 15 was also his completion percentage as a Redskin.
  12. Starbucks To Start Selling Alcohol

    Starbucks to Begin Selling Booze Nationwide A whole lot of teen baristas will be getting pink slips soon.
  13. Serious Medical Question About My Wife - Desperate For An Answer

    My wife over the years has had lower back problems and occasional neuropathy type symptoms in her legs and arms from time to time, but she's never had any major medical issues. Because she has a degenerative disk condition in her lower spine, she has been in pain management for about 4 years...
  14. How Much Do Things Cost Where You Live?

    I'm sure I could google it, but that's no fun. I was just curious what the going price is in various parts of the country for different things, because when I went up to Boston a few years ago, I was blown away by how crazy high everything was priced. In Virginia Beach.......... Gas...
  15. Roger Goodell: Redskins Name Honors Native Americans

    Goodell: Redskins name honors Native Americans | FOX Sports on MSN Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it :D
  16. Elisha And The Giants Accused Of Creating Fake Memorabilia

    Report: Eli Manning, Giants named in bogus memorabilia suit | FOX Sports on MSN I hope somehow this turns into something huge so the Giants (Mara) get their karma.
  17. IT Guys, I Need Your Opinion

    My wife's pc went to shit today. I did a factory recovery on it, and it would load windows 7, but multiple program failure alerts would pop up and nothing would open. So I reset it and did a systems diagnostics test on it. It said smart check passed, long DST failed. The failure ID is...
  18. NCAA Men's Basketball

    I know it's early so far, but the rankings are so screwy this year. More than normal. For starters, Kentucky lost in the first round of the NIT last year, lost most of their team to the draft, and came in preseason ranked number 1? Then have promptly been exposed in short order. Duke, as always...
  19. Can The Fringe Stop Talking About Trading The Farm For Jameis Now?

    Report: Jameis Winston being investigated for sexual assault - He's making a name for himself alright - as the next Ben Roethlisberger. I remember recently a bunch of people here were suggesting we trade RGIII and everything else we can to draft this guy. I laughed my ass off...
  20. Thanksgiving Side Dish Ideas

    I'm tired of cooking the same thing every year. I want to do something different, but I'm stumped for ideas. I usually do collards, rolls, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, mac and cheese and sausage balls. This year, I want to change it up. The problem is, every site I go...
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