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  1. The Bombshell.

    Whatever it is, it has been going on for over a decade. Should be good.
  2. Please fire Larry Michael

    All 4 check marks went to us again today. Including his SkIntangibles Hearing the fight song after his show makes me want to never hear that again too. Nauseating
  3. Early sneak peek at the 2020 draft.

    Joe Burrow and Chase Young. Wow on both. Not sold on Andrew Thomas. He is a brute, but I really have concerns about his ability to handle speed on the edge. If Dwayne improves a lot and we somehow get a top 2 pick, then I believe we have to go Chase Young(Cincy will probably take Burrow...
  4. The next month or two.

    There either will be changes made to the staff, or we will see Haskins. There is no way this can continue as is. The normal progression would be to fire Manusky first. Then if the offense still stinks, see if Haskins can save the team. Then if Haskins is being thrown to the wolves too early...
  5. Jordan Reed should retire now.

    This is bigger than football. Gruden is not going to say it. The doctors need to step in. I don't give a crap if we are a better team with him. The whole notion of they knew what they signed up for is total selfish ignorance.
  6. WR situation is getting crazier by the minute.

    I have no idea who we will keep, other than: Richardson Quinn McLaurin Harmon Seems like Doctson will be gone, very soon. Robert Davis has impressed, and he is young. Cam Sims is the big Alabama target, that just had a very bad game. Steven Sims Jr, may end up being the best slot guy we have...
  7. The official, unofficial Jimmy Moreland Fan Club!

    Love this pick.
  8. We are on the clock again!

    We traded back into the first round.
  9. Give us your WR upgrade plan for 2019.

    Here are your choices. They might not be all the choices, but I hope to include most of the logical ones. 1: Draft D.K. Metcalf with the 15th pick in the draft. Despite him being called a less than polished route runner, his abilities are too great to ignore. 2: Draft Marquise Brown...
  10. Week one starting Qb for the redskins. Pick it.

    After the combine, the Kyler Murray talk is going to increase rapidly, and put Dan into a frenzy. By draft day he will do whatever it takes to get Kyler imo. I am afraid we might not have a first round pick in 2020. I only hope it doesn't go beyond that. My pick is Kyler Murray.
  11. Redskins stuff that drives you crazy.

    Ok, listened to Joey T who was a guest in hour 2 on Galdi's show today. 2 large facepalms for this one. Facepalm number 1. Did you guys know how badly Dan Snyder wants to win? Don't you guys know this is hurting Dan more than any of us? He is the number one Redskins fan. I wanted to, but I...
  12. What team can we model ourselves after?

    One could be the Bears. Did you know that Ryan Pace, the GM was ranked the worst in the NFL recently? They have a "bad" GM(might be linked to the Trubisky trade), and they have 5 pro bowl guys, Khalil...
  13. Skins own the 15th pick in the 2019 draft

    The games did not go in our favor. We only jumped one spot from last week. We can go crazy with all the things that might happen between now and then, but at least we know for now where we pick.
  14. What is your number one position of need(other than QB)?

    First off, I don't think we should draft a QB in round one next year, so my thought on this thread is.. If we can get a stud at any position other than qb, in Round 1 of next year's draft. One that will not only start in week one, but will come in and make a difference, what position do you...
  15. Josh Johnson has given hope to Redskins fans.

    He did more than just not lose this game. He helped win this game. It is a cool story of course, but he did not look like a guy who was a career backup. He has potential to make this team next year. Let's see.
  16. Players we will cut before 2019 season. From the article. Josh Norman: 8.5 million Zach Brown: 5.75 million Vernon Davis: 5 million Chris Thompson: 3 million (this is the only tough one imo) Stacy McGee: 2.3 million...
  17. Is there a worse homer than Larry Michaels?

    I know he is bad as an announcer, but watching his annoying pregame “analysis” may be worse. I don't think he has ever had us with fewer advantages than our opponents going into a game. He gives check marks for offense, defense, special teams and intangibles. For this past game against...
  18. CTE

    C.T.E. Is Found in an Ex-Giant Tyler Sash, Who Died at 27
  19. Expiring Contracts.

    21 Player names ranked by their 2015 cap hits Unrestricted free agents NT Terrance Knighton $4 million TE Logan Paulsen $2.1 million RB Alfred Morris $1.6 million FB Darrel Young $1.5 million QB Colt McCoy $1.5 million DL Kedric Golston $1.2 million C Josh LeRibeus $864,081 QB Kirk Cousins...
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