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  1. Now to find the gold in UDFA

    Some good players come out of UDFA Antonio pierce, Antonio Gates, and James Harrison to name a few. Seattle has one but his name eludes me I think. We may have picked up one Simmie Cobb Jr WR Indiana Looks to be a good prospect that may have fallen out of the draft because of an arrest at a...
  2. Simulated football

    I'm in a simulated football league it's free to join first game tomorrow Simgalaxy Sports - Online Sports Simulation Games We have five teams available in league 14 if you are interested if you feel like it on the referral you can put me Doug1 football if it asks you don't have to if you...
  3. Next season opponents

    Redskins 2016 opponents set On paper looks tough but if we advance in the playoffs we will play 1 maybe both of the top 2 teams again next season
  4. Annual coaching carousel

    Which coaches get fired next Monday? Here are my thoughts chuck pagliano colts Chargers coach jaguars coach Chip Kelly depends on the way talks go with ownership Tom coughlin won't be fired but could be offered a nice retirement package Jason Garrett no telling what jerry is thinking lions...
  5. Free agent combine

    NFL to hold combine for veterans - ESPN good idea or not?
  6. Revisiting the draft trade with the cowgirls

    We swapped and they picked up Demarcus Jackson and we got Trent Murphy and Long demarcus Jackson had the sack that secured the victory but let's look at the regular season Jackson played in 8 games had 6 tackles no sacks in limited action due to injury Murphy played in 13 games had 22...
  7. Vote for Silas Redd rookie of the week

    The Redskins Blog | Silas Redd Up For Rookie Of The Week Honors Already and not bad for a backup hopefully he does the same this week
  8. Jay Gruden hired

    According to ESPN press conference at 4pm Jim Hazlett retained as Defense coordinator Raheem Morris as secondary coach Todd mcvay TE coach is your new offense coordinater I'm surprised it hasn't been posted lol
  9. Rypien expects big things this year

    Rypien joined Gibbs, Joe Theismann, Clinton Portis and others noteworthy alumni at FedExField during the Redskins' seven-game surge to playoffs last season. Despite mostly living in Seattle during his post-playing days, Rypien was disappointed to see his Redskins lose to the Seahawks in the...
  10. Xavior Nixon OL Florida

    Anyone know anything of him? Supposedly good in college but will need time to adjust to the pro game Future star?
  11. Most desireable head coaching vacancy this year

    I'd have to say the bears but they will probably hire some guy and end up 3-13 next year
  12. Defense deserves a lot of credit this game

    They deserve credit for helping secure this win by keeping dez Bryant in check for the most part
  13. 2012 NFC East division champs

    How sweet does that sound It's like music to my ears
  14. Coach of the year

    I think Bruce Arians has to get some serous considerations
  15. Vote for Kirk rookie of the week Lets make sure he gets it
  16. I wonder

    I wonder with RG3 getting the team captain tag what kind of talk him and shanahan had over the bye week
  17. Playoff picture

    Not much will change on the outcome of tonight's game except Green Bay and Chicago swap If Green Bay wins and we beat the giants next week we will control our own destiny RNK NFC W L T 1 Atlanta 10 1 0 2 San Francisco 8 2 1 3 Chicago 8 3 0 4 NY Giants 6 4 0 5 Green Bay 7 3 0 6 Seattle 6 5 0...
  18. Is our qb really that bad?

    He let 7 passes hit the ground and threw an interception Pretty crappy compared to last week Happy thanksgiving everyone
  19. Good article on RG3 and Morris I didn't write it just passing it along for others to read
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