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  1. Knightingale

    Howling for Howell

    I can't argue with any of this really. I do think Howell is the future for us at the position. I'm on record as saying that we play the season out with Heineke, With our O-line beaten to crap, I think Wentz is a sitting duck who will break the sack record. Heineke may not be the second...
  2. Knightingale

    It’s official…

    Okay, so Taylor Heineke may have his limitations…but I officially think he’s my favourite Washington QB ever! did you see his new T-Shirt? Full...
  3. Knightingale

    Eagles Week - Studs, Duds, and Hat Tips

    Rewatching the game, and got to see in more detail that Heineke ‘taking a knee’ play! Loved it! Genius move. That and the throwing away the ball after the missed snap, we’re displays of smart QB play.
  4. Knightingale

    Eagles Week - Studs, Duds, and Hat Tips

    Stud: Terry Mclaurin for this quote too: About Heineke... "A lot of people want to measure his height, his arm and all those things. But you can't measure what's inside of his chest. I think we all realize that and it's just been great to see him have success and put us in position to win...
  5. Knightingale

    Eagles Week - Studs, Duds, and Hat Tips

    BRob was a beast. The one that REALLY impressed me, was the one where he basically carried the entire Eagles team toward the endzone.
  6. Knightingale

    Eagles Week - Studs, Duds, and Hat Tips

    I'm just watching the game through on Gamepass today (I missed it live as we had a very poorly puppy and I was up all night on Sunday with her. So last night I was too tired to stay up for the game as it wouldn't finish till 4am here! Plus I figured we'd lose this one! LOL How wrong was I?!)...
  7. Knightingale

    Commanders Coffee #11

    Most Impressive Player: Tough one. Allen is probably our most consistent. And of course Terry, though I still fear he's being underutlised. Most Disappointing Player: I can't really say Wentz, and disappointment implies I had hopes for him. And I can't say I really did. I'd possibly put Logan...
  8. Knightingale

    2022 BGO NFL Pickem: Week 9 Results

    I've been throwing out sleeper picks all year. It's a bad strategy early. LOL I also missed a couple of weeks, which tanked my season totally.
  9. Knightingale

    Commanders' Coffee #9

    At this point I'm on board with riding with Heineke while we groom Sam Howell or QBX that we pick up in the draft. I think the Wentz experiment is a bust at this point unless something dramatic changes.
  10. Knightingale

    Official Game Thread - Week 8 - Commanders @ Colts

    Yeah, he's been pretty much invisible thus far this season. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I can see the logic though. Samuel was unreliable. Dotson wasn't proven. Brown had done nothing really last year to prove his worth. McKissic, conversely, had been out sparkplug in multiple games. I do...
  11. Knightingale

    Packers Week - Studs, Duds, and Hat Tips

    Haha! I didn't think you were coming across as a prick for one minute. Never. I think the D is playing a lot better these days, definitely the unit on the upswing. And if those 'gifted' conversions hadn't happened in crunch time, then I don't think I'd even remember. It was just that...
  12. Knightingale

    Hein-O-Meter: Week 7 vs. Packers

    I gave him a 6. I love Heineke, but that first half. Oooof! The second half though, Wahooo! So that would have given him a 5, but I figured he had some nerves and needed to settle in the first half, so I gifted him an extra point. :D
  13. Knightingale

    Packers Week - Studs, Duds, and Hat Tips

    But that's not quite the truth is it? LOL That final drive by the Packers, our D had them in 3rd down situations TWICE. And while both were incomplete passes, we gave them the first downs anyway on penalties. (Both illegal use of hands if I recall correctly). So while it's true that the...
  14. Knightingale

    Packers Week - Studs, Duds, and Hat Tips

    One other thing... Terry McLaurin is an UBERSTUD. LOL One little play yesterday showed how good he is. On that last Washingtonn drive, he caught the ball and FOUGHT to keep it in bounds when he was being pushed out. I can't help feel but any other receiver would just have allowed himself to...
  15. Knightingale

    Packers Week - Studs, Duds, and Hat Tips

    I'd debate putting the Defense in the Studs category, as they gave away those three PI calls late that gave GB the touchdown that made the game closer than it maybe should have been and set us up for a frantic last couple of minutes. And Green Bay have been offensively inept for a good few games...
  16. Knightingale

    Familiar Territory

    You know what's telling... Wifey and I were watching that Packers game last night, and even though the Giants were leading and there were only seconds left, after the Giants muffed the punt, she and the rest of the Packers fans seemed utterly convinced that they were going to win. Somehow Aaron...
  17. Knightingale


    It is, yeah. First time I've been. We had VIP tickets so had access to the VIP lounge, bar, restaurant, and toilets Boy did it get LOUD in there when the Packers fans were vocal
  18. Knightingale


    She was! 😂
  19. Knightingale


    So, I’m at the London game today!!! There’s sooooooo many Green Bay fans here, almost no Giants fans!!! I’m repping the BGO!! 😀
  20. Knightingale

    Commanders Coffee #6

    Personally, after 3 games, I feel like this... Scott Turner is safe. I wish they'd adjust playcalling sooner when it's clear the ship is sinking, but I think we saw a taster of what could be in the Jags game. I think we have a strong set of WRs and TEs. We know Gibson and McKissic can be good...
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