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  1. Canadian Hog

    Omicron Club

    John, Hope you are going to turn a corner soon and start noticing some improvement. This sucks that you are feeling like this and I hope you will be well quickly. I saw that you mentioned something about antivirals. If you can get approved for them by your doc, the paxlovid makes a big...
  2. Canadian Hog

    Omicron Club

    Hi John, Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you feel better bit by bit each day - it is a process and definitely requires patience. From my personal experience, it tended to linger (although milder in severity as time went on) and that was a really frustrating aspect of it. Hope the worst...
  3. Canadian Hog

    You're Terry - Tell Me Why You Are Staying In Washington?

    Now all we need to do is find a way to throw Dan overboard off that yacht. 😆
  4. Canadian Hog

    The Bombshell

    It has started crossing my mind recently (and forgive me if anybody takes this the wrong way) that I almost don't want this team to figure it out and win under Dan's watch. Why should that dirtbag get to reap the benefits of any success this team might have in future seasons? He doesn't...
  5. Canadian Hog

    You're Terry - Tell Me Why You Are Staying In Washington?

    Terry McLaurin has been a gift to the Washington Commanders ever since entering the league. He has been a highly productive player, reliable, hardworking, and a leader. In a nutshell, he says all the right things, does all the right things, and is the perfect player to serve as the face of the...
  6. Canadian Hog

    Jack Del Rio - Where Do You Stand?

    Forget his opinions. Whether you agree with what he said or not, what if his words cause a fracture within the team? What if they create an irreparable situation that spills over onto the football field and affects overall team performance on Sundays? What if players stop playing for Del Rio...
  7. Canadian Hog

    Jack Del Rio - Where Do You Stand?

    I am simply speaking from a football standpoint - if this Del Rio drama is going to hang over the organization's head for a while, we can't afford to keep him on board. If his words are not sitting well with the players and they are something they can't move past, Rivera better recognize that...
  8. Canadian Hog

    Jack Del Rio - Where Do You Stand?

    In light of the comments made by Jack Del Rio at practice this week, where do you stand from a football perspective? Have his comments created too big of a distraction? Do you think it will cause a fracture in the locker room? Might we be best off parting ways at this point? Or, do we have...
  9. Canadian Hog

    Rate the Offseasons

    Personally, I would give the Washington offseason a C+ to B- range thus far. I think when you look at the approach, it suggested that the team was relatively comfortable with who was already in the building, and that they didn't think they were too far off from being a good football team...
  10. Canadian Hog

    What's a food you just cannot do?

    This is an easy one for me... Anything Alfredo sauce is a no go, pasta in particular.
  11. Canadian Hog

    BGO New Era hats

    Great looking hats, John. Mine arrived today - thank you so much!
  12. Canadian Hog

    2022 Breakout Player - Who Will It Be?

    I felt obligated to vote for my fellow Canadian, Benjamin St. Juste. Conflict of interest aside, I feel like he showed some promise at corner in his limited games last season. Early in the year, he appeared to get better with each passing week, and then injuries struck and pulled the plug on...
  13. Canadian Hog

    2022 Commanders Schedule

    Early reaction... Provided we plan on participating in the playoffs this year, I think the late season bye could be of benefit to our team. Having 3 of our final 4 at home could prove to be beneficial as well - that said, establishing home field advantage has been a chore for this team over...
  14. Canadian Hog

    New Fight song

    Om, for the record, I can guarantee you that your version of the fight song lyrics will be better than what the organization comes up with. It was much the same with the uniform designs - there were many people throwing ideas all over social media that absolutely blew what Tanya Snyder and...
  15. Canadian Hog

    2022 Commanders Schedule

    I know things can change quickly from year to year in the NFL. That said, if you want to make a statement and prove that Year 3 under Rivera is really going to be different for this franchise, facing Jacksonville in Week 1 is a perfect opportunity to make a good first impression.
  16. Canadian Hog

    Playoffs in 2022 or Nah?

    As has always been the case with this team in the past 30 odd years or so, it will come down to our play in the division in my opinion. Divisional play saved us when we won the division at 7-9 two seasons ago. I believe we were 5-1 that year in the East. Last season, the 2-4 overall...
  17. Canadian Hog

    Ron Rivera - What If 2022 Turns Sour?

    So here we are - two seasons into the Ron Rivera era. From a statistical standpoint, under Coach Rivera, Washington has put together two 7 win seasons. The team has amassed a 14-19 overall regular season record, along with a playoff appearance and tough fought loss vs. the Buccaneers. In each...
  18. Canadian Hog

    2022 Free Agency Tracker

    I am not surprised - we may have talked about Trai Turner in the Free Agency pod. Some are obviously going to criticize Rivera bringing in another ex-Panther; however, he started 13 or more games 5 straight years in Carolina, and after a down year with the Chargers where he started only 9, he...
  19. Canadian Hog

    Behind Enemy Lines - The Sound of Silence

    Bob, You are an awesome writer. I can totally hear you speaking with every word that you typed and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of that. Thank you.
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