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    I'm not sure I have ever posted on this site, but it's full of my favorite people from the old Extremeskins. I saw the “we are closing” email and wanted to pop over and tip my cap. Wonderful work, and best of luck on the journey ahead.
  2. LaVar's Head Hotel: Vacancy

    Love the irony of the first comment below the post:
  3. Snyder Will React With Big Hire

    My view from afar (VERY far) when Zorn was hired was "Good stuff - we're giving a talented position coach an opportunity to step up as offensive coordinator. Smart thought, and hopefully it'll work out." Then when Zorn was suddenly promoted to head coach, this turned to "WTF?" Unless that...
  4. National Post: Vendor Recorded Selling Beer in the Washroom at Redskin Games

    I can't believe this is for real. Is this a sign that the team actually is in the toilet? :)
  5. WP: Redskin Fans Say "See Ya!"

    I'm not convinced anything will cause Snyder to see the light. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he cannot fundamentally change course, despite some pretty abysmal failures. Hello to all the old Extremeskins (or "that other site"?) crew. New jobs, expanding family and distance (physically and...
  6. WP: Redskin Fans Say "See Ya!" (First post here, folks, so apologies if I've violated protocol. Didn't see this elsewhere.) My view from afar: I think the attitude from Ashburn is deplorable. Example: Now I'm not in DC, but I...
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