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  1. CounterTrey

    New tech could have a huge impact on NFL fan viewership... Consider me a huge critic of it. I absolutely HATE this view. Took me about 15 minutes to tire of it and turn it off. The vantage point totally blows and you can't see the ball at all...
  2. CounterTrey

    Never Forget

    This is probably the wrong venue for this so we can move it if necessary, but this is an especially horrible day for me personally and our whole country. Just thought I'd share, he and all the others deserve it. RIP.
  3. CounterTrey

    What the....? Jason Reid Show is back on...

    and the story behind why and how it was taken off might be the most embarrassing, idiotic thing we've seen since Snyder came to Washington. Report: Fake ESPN President Tried To Get D.C. Radio Show Cancelled
  4. CounterTrey

    Happy Birthday Boone!

    Here's to a great day bud! :cheers:
  5. CounterTrey

    Redskins sign LB Jordan

    Washington Redskins sign ex-Kansas City Chiefs LB Akeem Jordan to deal - ESPN The Washington Redskins signed free-agent linebacker Akeem Jordan on Thursday. The team made the announcement via its Twitter account but didn't disclose terms of the deal. Jordan, 28, joined the Kansas City Chiefs...
  6. CounterTrey

    Too cool not to share

    There are still good people out there! Going through the McDonalds drive thru tonight a very nice lady in a Mercury Mountaineer in front of us paid for my family's dinner in a random act of kindness. I made the cashier repeat it about 5 times before I believed him. So I got the car behind me...
  7. CounterTrey


    Hey guys I have a whole slew of these things some of which I can't find online anymore. I was wondering if there was any way I could talk you into adding a few of them, at least 2 that I think would fit in quite nicely. I have some pretty funny ones too. Just let me know, I have about 150 of em...
  8. CounterTrey

    A word about "100%"

    It's awful hard to make it through a Sportcast that involves QB discussions without having RG3 and 100% come up. I think there's a great deal of confusion about what that really means. It's being used as a medical term by Dr. Andrews, RG3, And the Redskins FO. But that's purely a medical term...
  9. CounterTrey

    OT: attn fansince 62 your pm's are turned off.

    So I can't respond to you. :) heres' what I would have sent. sorry mods. OK, overhang will make it much warmer, especially if it's windy. I often go bundled up and end up taking stuff off. Visibility is literally as good as you want unless you are really into watching punt arcs. I'm about 3...
  10. CounterTrey

    Why are NFL fans so willfully ignorant and stupid?...or "Is it just me or..."

    Why are NFL fans so willfully ignorant and stupid?...or "Is it just me or..." I read a ton on the net everyday being a stay at home Dad who also runs my personal business from home. There are several continuing trends of igonrance that I stumble across almost daily. Most I ignore, some I am...
  11. CounterTrey

    AJ Smith to the Redskins????

    What in the wide world of sports....WHY???????
  12. CounterTrey

    Smart move or good sportsmanship?

    Last play of the game might be one of the most interesting. When DeAngelo Hall ran back the onside kick and then slid short of the end zone the room full of Skins fans here was miffed but I immediately said "BRILLIANT". He kept Dallas from getting the ball back and although the chances were...
  13. CounterTrey

    Oh what a difference a decent safety makes...

    I was as thrilled with Meriweather's performance Sunday as I was Griffin's. Not only the key INT, but his support and presence was felt throughout the game. Key breakups, key tackles and it seemed like the rest of secondary settled in a bit under his presence. I know it was the lowly and chaotic...
  14. CounterTrey

    OT: Golfing with the Redskins It's worth the watch for Trent Williams' whiff. :)
  15. CounterTrey

    Cheating? Really?

    I've read many accounts of Costa's world class copout and Romo's bush league follow up. There is an awful lot of debate going back and forth about the legality vs. the "everyone has been doing it for decades" take and to me it seems to all be missing one glaringly obvious point... IIRC there is...
  16. CounterTrey

    It wasn't a foul!

    Not according to Mike Pereira at least... 1:15 Comment From Anthony The facemask on D. Hall during Dallas' last scoring drive... I thought it's not a penalty unless you grab the mask (and pull on it)? 1:16 "That wasn't a foul. There was no twist, turn or jerk. That was the old version of...
  17. CounterTrey

    Inside the NFL

    Showtime has taken over the reigns of this show after HBO did a masterful job of it for several decades. Much has stayed the same but some of it has changed enough to warrant complaint. One thing that's changed is you don't get a full highlight breakdown of each game like we used to...
  18. CounterTrey

    Merry Christmas BGO!

    Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday. May Santa bring us all a few wins.:cool4:
  19. CounterTrey

    Can someone explain a few things to me?

    I should probably give a shot at making this a blog entry since it's got serious length potential. That said I do have some things that are grating at my nerves and have been since March or so. I was willing to be open minded about the whole 3-4 thing even though we didn't have even close to...
  20. CounterTrey

    Hanburger finally gets the nod... Hanburger, Richter are seniors for Class of 2011 08/25/2010 Updated 4:12 p.m. EDT Just weeks after the Class of 2010 enshrinement, the selection process for the Pro Football Hall of Fame's...
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