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  1. BGO Fantasy Football League

    Peyton Hillis scores 39 so that HH can continue his fall from the summit.
  2. Random Cool Photo

    Another obvious NASA fraud, just like the moon landings. :rolleyes2: That photo is of a radioactive potato in the microwave at a lab in College Park, out of where the mission is led. More on the mission is at: And here's a nice pic in ultraviolet of our nearest neighbor, the...
  3. BGO Fantasy Football League

    But a better outcome than starting Cutler who didn't have a bye.
  4. BGO Fantasy Football League

    Yeah ... we might have believed you if you hadn't also mocked my pick of Culter in the 10th. His production so far is tied with Rodgers and Brady, and ahead of Brees. :)
  5. Netflix Recommendations

    Some recent ones from our Netflix list: 3:10 to Yuma (version with Christian Bale) The Pianist Foreign The Battle of Algiers Life is Beautiful The Lives of Others Amores Perros and City of God which others have recommended. If you like Best in Show, the same crew are in A Mighty Wnd - a...
  6. BGO Fantasy Football League

    Glad for the later start. Would have missed the 9.30 kickoff by about ten miuntes.
  7. BGO Fantasy Football League

    System test:
  8. BGO Fantasy Football League

    With a bunch of people possibly autodrafting it should go quickly - can we make it a little later? I'm umpiring a high school game - if there's no overtime I should be there no later than 9.30pm.
  9. BGO Fantasy Football League

    I'm in the league. :moon: :)
  10. BGO Fantasy Football League

    Yup: Corcaigh = Sisyphus = Absurd Philosophy.
  11. BGO Fantasy Football League

    Later is better for me - after 10.00pm Eastern I can do any date in September. Preferred dates are: September 4, 5, 6 or 8.
  12. What's for Dinner?

  13. BGO Fantasy Football League

    I'll make up the numbers. :)
  14. Google alert

    When I tried to connect this morning, Google spat the following warning out ... The website at contains elements from the site, which appears to host malware – software that can hurt your computer or otherwise operate without your consent. Just visiting a...
  15. What's for Dinner?

    Thai Duck Curry last night. Damn hot. Damn tasty.
  16. HEy Fatty! Uncle Sam is gonna start watching you

    I dunno what "government chart" they have in that office but even the much maligned BMI would have you in the middle of the overweight range at that weight, not obese, nor morbidly obese. And BMI is just a screening tool. It's a quick way to determine if someone should have a reliable...
  17. P90X

    My running streak is on its 58th day. Another 6.5miles this morning in the heat and humidity.
  18. Read any Good Books Lately?

    Just finished Falling Down by Nick Hornby. A very funny novel about four people who meet when they decide to commit suicide on New Year's Eve.
  19. "Inside Secret Government Warehouses" New TV show

    Call me skeptical. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. There's no doubt that Area 51 is a place where they do testing of secret stuff. Until you show me hard data of anything 'miraculous' I'm doubtful of alien technology being at play. As for secret tunnels from the White...
  20. WORLD CUP 2010

    They do have three officials, so often they do have two views of the action. The folks on the sideline used to be called linesmen but now that are Assistant Referees and are miked. They are expected to intervene if they see something important that the central ref has missed. Early on there was...
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