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  1. NFL Week 17 Broadcast Maps

    As of this posting, the FOX maps aren't complete, but are to be posted when they become available:
  2. NFL Week 16 Broadcast Maps

    As expected, the broadcast of the meaningless battle between the Vikes and 'Skins is regional in nature:
  3. NFL Week 15 Broadcast Distribution Maps

    Not much 'Skins/Giants action outside of the mid-Atlantic and up:
  4. NFL Week 14 Broadcast Maps

    I get to watch a game on TV this week!
  5. NFL Week 13 Broadcast Maps
  6. NFL Week 12 Broadcast Maps

    Here 'tis:
  7. NFL Week 11 Broadcast Maps

    Yippee! Instead of the 'Boys and 'Skins, I get to watch the wrecking ball that is the Packers smash the Bucs to pieces.
  8. NFL Week 10 Broadcast Maps

    Here you are:
  9. Week 9 NFL Broadcast Maps

    Sorry this is coming a little late this week. As usual, metro Atlanta gets no 'Skins broadcast this week.
  10. NFL Broadcast Distribution Maps-Week 8

    Once again,metro Atlantans, we who are Direct TV-less must view online. See for yourself:
  11. NFL Broadcast Maps-Week 7

    For those of you who are still interested in watching 'Skins games (;)), here are this week's maps:
  12. NFL Week 6 Broadcast Maps

    My fellow Atlantans and I will be watching on the internet this week. How 'bout you?
  13. NFL Week 5 Broadcast Maps

    While the 'Skins are takin' it easy , there are still other NFL games being played this week, and some of those games will be on TV.
  14. NFL Week 4 Broadcast Map

    Very limited broadcast area for the 'Skins @ Rams this week. Here's the map link:
  15. NFL Week 3 Broadcast Map

    While the game that we all most want to see is on ESPN Monday Night Football, you might be interested in whiling away the hours on Sunday leading up to it. Here's the link to the map:
  16. Distribution Maps for Week 2 NFL Games

    Here 'tis: Looks like the Cardinals @ 'Skins game is not of national interest. :( For the unfamiliar, this map occassionally does change after it's initial posting. For the most up-to-date information, revisit the link periodically.
  17. Distribution Maps for Week 1 NFL Games

    Hadn't seen this posted yet. Below is the link to maps showing which games are being broadcast where for Week 1. If you're in metro Atlanta, like me, your 'Skins are on FOX!
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