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  1. Enforcer

    Pick your poison - what do you want the new name to be?

    Ron not being at the Senior Bowl is not the end of the world to me. This is the first full cycle with no transition having his guys like Mayhew around. So, I think it is a natural delegation thing now. And looks like he wants to visit his father. Which I'm sure has been hard w/ the season...
  2. Enforcer

    Pick your poison - what do you want the new name to be?

    That would be interesting if Lurch's info is true! With the graphics - Maaaybe the things that popped up so fast are the final looks. But they did hire the agency who specialize in digital mktg and branding. So don't rule out something different come final rollout...
  3. Enforcer

    A Fair Assessment?

    Good points, Boone and Chris. Not excuses, but there were other UNIQUE circumstances. Playing multiple teams in a row who have extra rest vs us playing on short week. That would tough even for legit good teams. And these people are human. Evertt's passenger died in a tragic car crash, and...
  4. Enforcer

    Week 12 - Studs, Duds, and Hat Tips

    Stud: Ishmael. 4th string center. Came in, first consistent playing time, made the line calls, and the part of a unit that paved the way for a big day on the ground.
  5. Enforcer

    Week 11: Studs, Duds, and Hat Tips

    YES. This was a big standout to me. First off, the starting center, Roullier, was out. Larsen went down, for a few plays, Schweitzer went down too. And Ishmael had to come in. And as you pointed out, Lucas came in at RT. Panthers have a good defense, and a good front too. The O-line has some...
  6. Enforcer

    Official Game Thread - Week 11 - WFT @ Carolina Panthers

    Cam is not doing that stupid Superman now, haha!
  7. Enforcer

    Official Game Thread - Week 4 - WFT AT Atlanta

    Oline held up well again, even after Scherff went down. Seems like every win - JD Mckissick has some CLUTCH plays. Good compliment to AG. Looks like we finally have a weapon at returns!! LOL hopefully the D will give Carter more opps at punt return!
  8. Enforcer

    Official Game Thread Week 2 - WFT vs. New York Giants

    Probably this youth league punishment:
  9. Enforcer

    Official Game Thread Week 2 - WFT vs. New York Giants

    Nice to finally win a wild, bonkers game for once!! Taylor impressed me in that he did damage from IN THE POCKET. It wasn't his wheeling and dealing, broken plays type game like when he played Tampa. Humphries had some under-the-radar big catches in clutch moments to keep drives alive, bail out...
  10. Enforcer

    Official Game Thread Week 2 - WFT vs. New York Giants

    Please, finally beat doofy face Daniel Jones!! He typically looks like a chump against the rest of the league, but an all-pro vs us. It's in his DNA to fumble and turn the ball over. Force some!
  11. Enforcer

    Official Game Thread: Week 1 - WFT vs. Chargers

    Man, the timing and field position of AG's fumble was the perfect storm of awful...And everyone has already pointed out the bad 3rd down defense, uninspired offensive playcalling, etc. One thing that was good. It appears we finally have a competent returner!
  12. Enforcer

    2021 Roster Updates

    Yeah, the Moreland thing is interesting. Cleared waivers, not on our prac squad, and no other interest reported yet.
  13. Enforcer

    2021 Roster Updates

    Fan favs that could use more development like AGG and Reaves are back on the prac squad:
  14. Enforcer

    2021 Roster Updates

    Locking up another core guy!
  15. Enforcer

    BGO Blind Pig: Episode 5 - QB Draft Breakdown

    Nice job, fellas! Now, whenever someone brings up Trask - I'm going to think "Big corn-fed white guy"!! :ROFLMAO:
  16. Enforcer

    Random WFT Thoughts

    Yeah, I saw that too. What a loser. I haven't seen anyone "celebrating." It's an interesting sidenote - and there is nothing wrong with pointing it out. Not bad for a young team, hanging in there while starting a qb off the street. But it's nothing fans are going nuts over. In fact - even...
  17. Enforcer

    The Case Against a 'Splash' QB Move

    Good points on Darnold in the thread. I forgot about that dude. Maybe he has a chance to pull a "Tannehill?" Like Tannehill - maybe just getting away from that clown, Gase, can help his career get back on track.
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