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  1. SkinsOrlando

    TV Show Discussion Thread

    Watched Southpark post covid last night, if you're a Southpark fan it is definitely worth a watch, Miss SO laughed a bit but so much of it relates to having watched the show over the years it could be a miss. They still don't pull any punches.
  2. SkinsOrlando

    BGO Blind Pig: Week 13 - at Las Vegas Raiders

    Even with the Cowboys covid struggles at the moment, I don't see how the Saints are pulling this one off.....but one can hope
  3. SkinsOrlando

    BGO Blind Pig: Week 13 - at Las Vegas Raiders

    Well, the question remains, if the clock strikes midnight whose turning into a pumpkin.
  4. SkinsOrlando

    Week 12 - Studs, Duds, and Hat Tips

    Studs - Rivera, Del Rio, Turner - I'm probably in the top 3 of people who have been outspoken, harsh criticism, hyperbole and overall just deficating at the mouth over these coaches this season. However, I will eat said "crow" when deserved. They had a great game plan last night, control the...
  5. SkinsOrlando

    Official Game Thread - WFT vs Seattle Seahawks - MONDAY NIGHT EDITION

    Well we know who would have a 100% kill ratio at the suicide hotline, 36 it's not that bad
  6. SkinsOrlando

    Official Game Thread - WFT vs Seattle Seahawks - MONDAY NIGHT EDITION

    Wasnt Cosmi placed on IR though or does that not count , literally just asking, NFL rules when it comes to that confuses my simple mind
  7. SkinsOrlando

    BGO Monday Game Chat

    I make no promises but we are 4-0 when SO is completely sauced by kickoff, only 4 beers in now, again I make no promises
  8. SkinsOrlando

    Playoffs or Nahhh...

    But is this team our density?
  9. SkinsOrlando

    Playoffs or Nahhh...

    The thing is, it's more open than we thought it would be. It's been upset city the past couple of weeks and some teams weaknesses are really starting to show after they faced stiffer competition. I don't know if we can, but the probability of making the playoffs is higher than I thought 3 weeks...
  10. SkinsOrlando

    Where can I find a year-by-year listing for the Ring of Fame?

    I attempted the google machine search myself, seems you can only find years of induction by individual player by some digging into Wiki and other articles. It does appear Joey T and Riggo were first in 90 but might make sense. Wasnt a thing before then. Was 31 years ago, seems commonplace today.
  11. SkinsOrlando

    Official Game Thread - WFT vs Seattle Seahawks - MONDAY NIGHT EDITION

    Favour??, Thats not the queens English :p however I concur this week is Carpe Beatem, cuz if not well f***
  12. SkinsOrlando

    Report (Keim): Curtis Samuel had CORE MUSCLE surgery

    So either Samuel or the team rushed him into too much work too soon..........So can we learn and not expect Chase back by pre-season? Different circumstance, different positions but I feel like we're becoming a team without patience........disclaimer, this coming from a guy whose like an out of...
  13. SkinsOrlando

    Chase Young

    Did you say Abe Lincoln? No I said Hey Blinkin.....I can quote Mel brooks movies all day Define all in CH? Haynesworth was all in the buffet on week 1 I blame the Shanny's Narcissism on rubbing off of RBknee imo
  14. SkinsOrlando

    Chase Young

    I got the "fore" joke ST, I'm dying holy :cheer2::chug3:
  15. SkinsOrlando

    Chase Young

    AP pushed people back quicker than they should, somehow the freak anamoly of repair became the norm. Look at baseball, no one is rushing a star talent back anymore after tommy john. I dont want to see him until week 3 at best. Then again I'm no surgeon and I've only had one surgery which was a...
  16. SkinsOrlando

    Random WFT Thoughts

    If we ever needed the midgets to do us a favor it's to win today, I just vomited in my mouth but miss SO is happy that I have to root for her team, for now.
  17. SkinsOrlando

    WFT announces Sean Taylor Memorial

    Follow the O's, that's one of the great things about Camden, the statues. Arguing about Gibbs/Riggo/Green/Taylor is irrelevant to me but f'ng do it right. Make a garden of it, not a single tribute.
  18. SkinsOrlando


    Ovi with a hat trick last night !
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