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  1. S%^T hits the fan with Haynesworth

    Here's the full story.
  2. Gray leaves and talks about MOST of the DBs

    Any guesses on which of our defensive backs Jerry Gray doesn't talk about or praise? Read it here
  3. So, apparently Washington is the worst sports town in America

    And frankly, it's very obvious. Read on, at your own risk. Basically,
  4. I am terrified Source: Redskins Show Interest in Weis By Jamie Mottram | December 14, 2009 The following is a series of tweets from 106.7 the Fan Skins reporter Chris Russell: For those who don’t speak Twitter, someone...
  5. Time to bench Portis - what say you?

    Am I way out in left field here? The Redskins supposedly got better blocking in the second half, but perhaps it wasn't the offensive line. Portis has been starting all year long, and he hasn't run well all year long. Portis goes out and Betts and Cartwright come in, and suddenly there are...
  6. So, Holmgren?

    What say you, BGO folk? Holmgren coming to D.C. after Zorn doesn't make too much sense to me. Would Holmgren kick out his former QB coach to land another job? But I don't know the dynamics between Zorn and Holmgren. Were...
  7. Campbell vs. Detroit

    Thought you guys might like this: Campbell has played two games against the Lions, but those games make up most of his career-high single-game totals. In 2008 alone, he set career highs in completion percentage (82.1), average yards per attempt (11.7) and passer rating (127.4). He also threw...
  8. Zorn/Campbell inside the headset (VIDEO)

    Very cool NFL video from the Rams game. Interesting to hear what Zorn was saying to Campbell while most of us were frustrated beyond belief. Also, it made me feel better about Zorn. He did seem as...
  9. Five players the Redskins have to keep

    Tuesday, the Redskins will have to cut five players to get under the NFL mandated limit of 75. Since there is still one preseason game to be played, and backups will probably get most of the work, the team will need depth at positions. The team is also going to have to cut another 20 players...
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