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  1. Skins Re-Sign T Ty Nsekhe

    Glad to see Ty re-signed. He filled in really well last year. Btw, does anyone know why I can't access BGO on my laptop or PC? Both reject it due to security. My phone still likes you. This is obviously new, but it's been like that for more than a week.
  2. Skins Finalize 2017 Coaching Staff

    Kind of like keeping the Grimm-Redskins legacy going. Hopefully, the kid has talent as a coach.
  3. Burner's Burning Questions: Free Agency, The Mock Drafts, 2017 (Continual Updates)

    I think I'm okay if we stay put as far as free agency goes until after the draft. I do want to fill some holes with homegrown guys (rather than another flurry of "Plan B free agents" type of guys... if for no other reason than I want someone with higher potential on the line even if that also...
  4. My latest book hits shelves on April 1st

    Thanks. Not nervous yet, but getting there. Hopefully it will be well received.
  5. Kirk Cousins Development Tracker

    You may be right and probably does not want the rep that he is difficult to work with out there especially if things can't be worked out with the 'Skins
  6. Kirk Cousins Development Tracker

    What I wonder is why Cousins felt compelled to put out his side of the story to the media now. I'll take him at his word, but it's curious.
  7. My latest book hits shelves on April 1st

    Day by day, it's getting closer to the release of my second novel, A Climbing Stock. A Climbing Stock is a fractured fairy tale that tells...
  8. Redskins fire general manager Scot McCloughan

    Maycock (his name is being floated) is intriguing in at least that he's done a ton of homework on the draft and the NFL draft has been pretty much his entire professional life for a number of years. The big question is how well could a professional-fan do? It's an idea designed to be applauded...
  9. Redskins fire general manager Scot McCloughan

    Looking only at the alcohol side of the equation, I guess my only question is "What did the Redskins try?" I would have liked to see a leave of absence. I'd like to have seen other supports. Now, supposedly McCloughan has been to rehab and that didn't help, but when taking on a known risk like...
  10. Redskins fire general manager Scot McCloughan

    Boooooooooooooooooooooo! From the length of the statement it seems both sides signed non disclosures. Still, very sad it ended this way. Booooooooooooooooooooo! I don't know if this was the right move or wrong move, but it is a painful one. Sigh.
  11. Bruce, Scot and the Front Office.

    I think that's entirely fair from Kirk's POV. At the same time, it may be a generous way to look at the quote.
  12. Bruce, Scot and the Front Office.

    There's too much smoke to believe all of this is nothing. I still hope it is. Maybe a leave of absence for Scott to get his life back together. If, this is about personalities, that would be awful. If it's about differing philosophies... they hired the guy and the least they could do is give him...
  13. An alternate POV: The Redskins are a Model of Stability

    The theme of the weekend and perhaps this entire off season has been one of instability and dysfunction and certainly arguments can be made in that direction, but I want to point our attention to something a bit different. The Redskins are a model of stability. You laugh. I can hear you...
  14. Burner's Burning Questions: Free Agency, The Mock Drafts, 2017 (Continual Updates)

    I hear ya. I'm still right. lol. We haven't drafted a pure DL high in a long time. Not nose. Not DE. We have drafted a bunch of LBs that we line up at end is a faux 4-3 alignment, but that's not exactly the same.
  15. Burner's Burning Questions: Free Agency, The Mock Drafts, 2017 (Continual Updates)

    Technically, those are all linebackers.
  16. Jay Gruden Nets 2 year Contract Extention

    It's been a weird off season. Seems like they're doing everything in super-slow motion. They're being hyper cautious about everything and everyone. I mean if we believe the reports (and I don't know that I do) they haven't talked to Jackson's or Garcon's people yet. They basically didn't talk to...
  17. Burner's Burning Questions: Free Agency, The Mock Drafts, 2017 (Continual Updates)

    Yep, it's been way too long since we invested a first or even a second or third on a D Lineman. I guess you could sort of count the linebackers who are defacto DEs the way we use them, but I would love to beef up the line.
  18. Jay Gruden Nets 2 year Contract Extention

    I think this is pretty god news. I still have mixed feelings about Jay, but if we look at him in cup terms... while my cup does not runneth over with him as the HC. It is more than half full. I still have significant questions about him, but think he is in that solid/good range of coaches. I...
  19. Jay Gruden Nets 2 year Contract Extention

    Congrats to Jay. Now, it becomes much more important and less important to sign Kirk simultaneously. More important because Kirk's a key to driving Jay's system. Less important, because if they do lose Kirk, Pierre, and Desean they are all but starting over on offense and he has more than one...
  20. Kirk Cousins Development Tracker

    I could tolerate Romo if the Cowboys cut him and we basically picked him up for a dirt cheap revenge contract. I can't see paying him full price, helping the Cowboys get out of cap hell, and losing picks to do so. At this point, Romo's too old, too injured, and too expensive.
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