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    i like quality depth as well. so far so good this offseason...
  2. UDFA Info Thread

    to me so far so good and again it,s a wait and see of course but i like what i,m seeing thus far.
  3. PFT: Baldinger blasts McNabb

    who cares what baldy says..

    again with me time will tell but i,m good with what has been done thus far with no big splashes in free agency....

    wait and see but i,m alright with the signing.
  6. What the retirement of Bugel really means

    thanks buges it,s been a great ride ...hope you enjoy your retirement.
  7. Jim Haslett - New Defensive Coordinator

    i,m alright with this move in getting jim haslett.
  8. RI: Why Redskins fans should root for Cowboys

    i don,t think so either. no chance in hell..
  9. 57 Mocks Munched! Suh Consensus No. 1, Bradford for Skins

    i can go with something like this as well. wait and see of course but we need to look hard into the OL first then go from there.
  10. Thank You Clinton Portis

    i noticed that too walking dead. writing is on the wall.
  11. HC Mike Shanahan Intro Press Conf. (1/6/10, 2:00 pm)

    saw the press conference myself and all i can say is that it was a breath of fresh air. now for portis i think he has made his own bed now and now he has to lay in it. mike shanahan was straight forward in his approach to things and with working with bruce allen as a GM,player agent and as a...
  12. Introductions

    thanks and that goes for everybody else too. it,s more than skin deep with this team for me..
  13. Bugel retiring

    thanks buges you have truly been a redskin. thanks for them hogs and enjoy your retirement.
  14. PFT: Report: Shanahan, 'Skins strike a deal

    so far so good and who will be the team president now stay tuned i guess
  15. PFT: Report: Shanahan, 'Skins strike a deal

    i,m glad it,s over now for me goodluck to mike . it,s still a wait and see and dan please hands off. :) i saw on the bottom line with adam shefter.
  16. WaPo (Via Text): Shanahan Deal Imminent

    it would be like the orbitz commercial sarge. :)
  17. PFT: No further interviews needed for 'Skins to hire Shanahan

    i love it the media is in a frenzy right now on who is going to get the news out the first.
  18. Redskins One Tracking

    now on my behalf ..carry on.:)
  19. GM Bruce Allen 1/4/10 Presser

    amen bro i agree all the way ..time will tell as usual.
  20. *OFFICIAL* Jim Zorn Fired (merged)

    again for me it,s a wait and see as usual.
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