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  1. Knightingale

    Help! Making my Redskins Desk!

    Here's the deal folks... Wifey and I moved into our new house last year and I've been dragging my feet getting my little home office sorted out. Well now the ball is rolling and I'm constructing a desk. The room is going to be in the esteemed colours of our favourite football team (the picture...
  2. Knightingale

    Knightingale and Wife do Route66 - Any hints or tips?

    Hi folks of BGO! I could be way off base, but I'd wager that most of you lovely people here on BGO live in the U.S. My wife and I are starting a bucket list trip doing Route 66 next week. Chicago to LA (with a possible small diversion to Lambeau field because my other half is a Packers fan!)...
  3. Knightingale

    The Wembley Redskins!

    Apologies if there is already a thread up for this, but I couldn't find it so here we are.... I haven't been around much the past week as I've been suffering from a flu type illness that had me wiped out and bedridden, but all that's behind me now and a driving force in me feeling much perkier...
  4. Knightingale

    Next Years CAP space! Where the magic happens! :D

    Ok, so slow morning at work and another article from Rich Tandler. Made for interesting reading so here it is. Linky to his site if you wanna go look... Rich Tandlers Real Redskins But as the article isn't huge I'll C&P it here for your convenience... Looking ahead: Redskins should have...
  5. Knightingale

    Let's Be Positive! :D

    There's alot of debate and alot of talk about the issues the Redskins have on various other threads. So many we need to talk about the positives in a feel good thread :D Not sure how many of you read Rich Tandlers Real Redskins site, but there was a post up about the 5 players who have...
  6. Knightingale

    Wanna see the Skins LIVE!!! Help needed!

    Not sure this is in the right forum but here goes. I've been a Skins fan since Superbowl XVIII, way back in 1984. Here in the UK we don't have a geographical reason for support so it comes down to other factors. This was the first NFL game I ever watched as there wasn't much coverage in the UK...
  7. Knightingale

    Getting our MoJo back!

    So.... I'm sitting here, lunchtime at work reading BGO and other Redskin related internet bits when I come across this opost on Rich Tandler's site... LINKY!! Go read it if you like, but to cut a long story short.... Matt Jones is FAST in the open field. Second fastest player last week...
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