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  1. Docsandy

    So very sorry to hear this. DocSandy was such a good person and I enjoyed chatting with her here and on Facebook. I know she had so many health struggles and I am glad she is at peace now. God bless you Doc, you will be missed!
  2. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Thanks! It was a wild day of 12 hours at the clinic, chicken enchiladas with the fam and crashing early. So old and boring now 🤣
  3. Adrian Peterson Released

    Yeah, I'm not dropping him. He was my feel-good Redskins pick up. I'll be rooting for him wherever he lands.
  4. Adrian Peterson Released

    Well that sucks, I just drafted him to my bench in FF. Sad to see him go because from what I've read, he was a great morale asset to the team. However, I do continue to agree with management approach of moving toward the future. Sucks to see him go, but I understand and am glad we have people...
  5. The Bombshell

    Nothing in this newest report surprises me in the least. I’m watching closely to see how the NFL handles the latest direct allegations against Snyder. If he’s not removed, I don’t see how I can continue on watching a sport that by doing nothing, condones this type of abuse against women.
  6. 11th Annual BGO Ballers Fantasy Football League ***Skinsfanpip Champion***

    Thank you so much! The Dodgers are lifting my spirits this summer, I think doing some fantasy football would lift my spirits this fall. Anything to get through 2020 🤣
  7. 11th Annual BGO Ballers Fantasy Football League ***Skinsfanpip Champion***

    Sorry, I just saw this, is there still room for more participants? I’d love to play this season if possible. Last season got away from me and really, it’s the only thing that keeps me interested in the NFL, pure gambling competition 🤣
  8. WFT Names Jason Wright Team President

    As much as I say I want to boycott the WFT after the WaPo culture article (oh, and years of heartbreak under Snyder ownership), even my cynical butt is paying attention to the team news and watching the developments with a little bit of actual hope... Ultimately, this team has been such a major...
  9. The Bombshell

    Took a few days off to calm down and form a coherent thought. Figured it wouldn’t benefit anyone for me to just have a meltdown and scream “F All Men!” That is not the message I ever want to convey. I appreciate men and am surrounded by a lot of great men in my life who respect boundaries and...
  10. The Bombshell

    Sarge’s post is a perfect example of why the NFL isn’t a safe place for females. I’m only sad it’s taken me this long to figure it out. I’ve heard stories from close girlfriends, one of whom was a cheerleader for the Ravens, one of whom worked in marketing for the 49ers, that this type of...
  11. The Bombshell

    I read the article and cried. It is so awful. It brings up so many painful emotions for me, it feels visceral and I want to puke. I can’t even form, like coherent thoughts. Except to say I’m done. Not only with the Skins, but the NFL. I’m so sick of this fucked up patriarchal society from...
  12. The Bombshell

    The one story I CAN’T believe is that Snyder bribed refs. Our record is clear indicator that if anything, these weren’t high value bribes 🙄
  13. The Bombshell

    At this point, I’m not going to be surprised by anything that comes out about Snyder and the culture at Redskins Park, including if he was Jeffrey Epstein’s silent partner in his international child pedophilia ring. 🙄. Seriously, NOTHING will surprise me.
  14. On Taking a Stand and Redskins Fandom

    Noooooooo 🤣
  15. On Taking a Stand and Redskins Fandom

    Hey Boone, thank you so much for your perspective. It really resonates with me. As upset as I am about the change and the political environment forcing the change, it is what it is. Ultimately, I have so many Redskins fans friends I have met over the internet and real life. I truly feel like...
  16. Show Yourselves!

    Masking up for safety at the hospital ❤️
  17. If Snyder Goes, Does it Change Your Perspective?

    I’m not sure. I’m reeling with the name change and being called a racist now for supporting the Redskins. I’m just overall pissed off at the “woke” society we are living in right now that seems to not give a rip about history. If Dan Snyder goes, it would make the name change less bitter. I...
  18. New Site Questions

    Site looks great! I’m over my slow spiral into despondency that culminated last season. I’m a glutton for punishment and am getting excited about Fall 2020
  19. The next month or two.

    This is exactly where I am at. The only thing I'm grateful for during this Snyder era is the friendships I've formed with other awesome Redskins fans.
  20. Health update.

    I'm sorry to hear this. Sandy, I'm sending my prayers your way! Much love being sent from the west coast. ~ Katie
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