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  1. Enforcer

    BGO Blind Pig: Episode 5 - QB Draft Breakdown

    Nice job, fellas! Now, whenever someone brings up Trask - I'm going to think "Big corn-fed white guy"!! :ROFLMAO:
  2. Enforcer

    Random WFT Thoughts

    Yeah, I saw that too. What a loser. I haven't seen anyone "celebrating." It's an interesting sidenote - and there is nothing wrong with pointing it out. Not bad for a young team, hanging in there while starting a qb off the street. But it's nothing fans are going nuts over. In fact - even...
  3. Enforcer

    The Case Against a 'Splash' QB Move

    Good points on Darnold in the thread. I forgot about that dude. Maybe he has a chance to pull a "Tannehill?" Like Tannehill - maybe just getting away from that clown, Gase, can help his career get back on track.
  4. Enforcer

    Marty Hurney - Executive VP of Player Personnel

    Yeah, that is interesting. If Russell is right - maybe they want to announce both at the same time.
  5. Enforcer

    Marty Hurney - Executive VP of Player Personnel

    Hmmm, looks like they are not done. We don't know the full scope of the new front office yet. Also, is it so bad to be Panthers North? The Bills are doing that - and are in a good position now.
  6. Enforcer

    The Front Office

  7. Enforcer

    PLAYOFFS! - Tampa Bay @ Washington

    I think it being on Sat hurts the chances Alex will be healed. It took until the 11th hour before Alex was the clear starter for Philly. Now, you add a full game and one less day to heal up - the odd are stacked against Alex to me. But, I can't bet against the dude, haha.
  8. Enforcer

    Chase Young

    A special hat tip to Josh Norman and Manusky for setting us up to blow the last game to the Giants last season. Locked up the chance to draft Chase!
  9. Enforcer

    Gameday - 2020 Week 13 - Washington @ Pittsburgh Steelers - TV Map Included

    The Pitt D took away Terry. No Gibson. McKissick, Thomas, and Cam all stepped up big time! And holding Pitt with all those weapons to just 17 points is a major accomplishment.
  10. Enforcer

    The Bon Voyage Thread

    While it is a bummer - I do totally understand. It was a good run and at it's best - a great alternative to the "other" forum. I do appreciate all of the hard work and efforts that went into building and maintaining this place!
  11. Enforcer

    Game Day - 2020 Week 2 - Washington @ Arizona

    Yes, Murray's elusiveness is a major concern. But on the other hand, Wentz also usually burns us by escaping and making big plays with his legs. So, I do get what Boone is saying - hopefully, with the big boys inside, Murray will have no pocket to step up into. Collapse from all sides...
  12. Enforcer

    Game Day - 2020 Week 1 - Washington vs Philadelphia

    What a difference having true pros in charge. Jay teams generally call it a day when the going gets tough. In just one game, Ron's team showed that they'll keep chopping wood, and kept on fighting. Leadership matters. Del Rio is night-and-day difference from the jokers like Barry and Manusky...
  13. Enforcer

    The Positive Thread

    We have legit, competent, coaching, esp on the defensive side! No more Barry or Manusky types. I expect the defense to be prepared and *gasp* make in-game adjustments. Chase Young. He's on our team. Speed on offense with the likes of AG and Simms. Hopefully lots of YAC this year.
  14. Enforcer

    The Bombshell

    Ugh. Truly, truly disgusting. What a horrid environment for any woman to go through. Recording secretly?? WTF. Illegal. If the NFL doesn't step in w/ this just being the latest thing - compounding on everything else, then they'll never step in. Snyder is directly mentioned in this piece...
  15. Enforcer

    WFT Names Jason Wright Team President

    Exactly. I don't think it's "pandering." It's notable, because in the history of the NFL, he happens to be the first black person in this senior position. The guy appears well qualified. Has the real world corp business chops, great academics, and what prob separates him - he legit played in...
  16. Enforcer

    No Fan Attendance for 2020 WFT Season

    Actually, with the NBA, ratings were down the first week, but have gone up in the weeks since.... For the Skins, this is no shocker. Following the lead of the other sports orgs. Will be weird for rookies who have their first year played with zippy fans. But, like others have mentioned...
  17. Enforcer

    Random WFT Thoughts

  18. Enforcer

    The Bombshell

    It truly is disgusting. What a HORRID work environment. I hope, in the end, that Dan is truly held accountable. It went on for YEARS. These creeps were allowed to do their thing freely without punishment. The buck stops with Dan. He allowed this gross workspace to fester. Other guys...
  19. Enforcer

    On Taking a Stand and Redskins Fandom

    Whether any fan stays or goes - I don't begrudge their choice. It's a personal one, and people will choose what they want to do. One thing that is annoying that the last head coach under the Redskins official name is going to be that clown, Jay Gruden (and interim Calahan, I guess)!
  20. Enforcer

    Joe Bugel Has Passed Away

    Truly a sad loss. RIP to a coaching legend! Oh man, I'm not ready for that either fellas.
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