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  1. Chris Russell twitter: Malcolm Kelly to go on IR..

    Russellmania09 Malcolm will go on injured reserve #redskins skinscast Shanahan says kelly has a good work ethic, and that is why he is going to IR instead of being released
  2. Per John Keim twitter: Donnie Warren is Out

    click on the link
  3. Redskins blog: Carlos Rogers Seems Pretty Happy With The Current Situation

    Awww man, minicamp can't start soon enough!! :) click for the rest
  4. WP-D. Hall: Shanahan wins over Redskins' players with 'presence'

    click for rest of article
  5. Article:Redskins make lukewarm offer to retain Campbell

    Something to think about regarding the 1st round ONLY tender
  6. The NFLPA is prepared to sign an extension of the CBA today 3/2!!!!!!!!

    What the?!.....:book: Ok somebody tell me if i'm reading this incorrectly.
  7. Redskinsblog:Shanahan Wants Competition On The Roster uummm, there's alot to chew on with this one... :munching_out:
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