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  1. Triad, NC Watch Party

    There is a new Facebook group that is an offshoot of the Charlotte group. They will be holding watch parties at Ledo Pizza in Kernersville (my favorite!!). If anyone is interested, here is the link to this week's event.
  2. 2022 BGO NFL Pickem: Week 14 Results

    That was my strategy, but I guess I picked the wrong underdogs. :ROFLMAO:
  3. 2022 BGO NFL Pickem: Week 1 Results

    Wow, I felt like I got 4 or 5 right after seeing the scores, 8 is a complete surprise.
  4. BGO Survivor 2021

    Am I too late? If not, I'm in!
  5. Comment by 'RobinTom' in pool '2020 BGO NFL Pickem Contest'

    Thanks. The Jax game is fixed, but there is no tie breaker & no Update Picks button on Week 13. After my subpar picks last week, it might be better if I just leave the picks as is.:unsure:
  6. Comment by 'RobinTom' in pool '2020 BGO NFL Pickem Contest'

    Something wonky is going on. The Jax/MN game is locked and I can't save my picks. Anybody else having these problems?
  7. 2020 BGO Pickem Contest: Week 1 Results

  8. 2020 BGO Pickem Contest: Week 1 Results

    The only thing I found odd was that nobody's Monday night picks show up when looking at the results.
  9. NFL Pickem Results: Week 8

    Finally, this year has been brutal. Picking the Redskins week after week has finally paid off :)
  10. The 2014 BGO NFL Pickem Contest is HERE!

    I want to play again! Played a couple years ago, but I was not in it last year.
  11. [Season Tickets] Redskins roll out new Pick-A-Seat Program

    Has anybody received the start date of the upgrade process? I know it says early May & we will get an e-mail 2 weeks before, but I want to make sure I don't miss it!
  12. NFL Pickem: The Final Week!

    Well, we were on top for a lot of the season & took a nosedive, but at least we have 4th place locked up! Great season everyone!!
  13. NFL Pickem: Week 13 Results

    I guess we will have to stop guessing 21 - 17 game for every Monday night game :insane:
  14. Dude missed that field goal

    London (& Kerrigan) were arguing emphatically with the ref after the game. London has changed their minds before, since he clearly knows the rules and game better than those hacks. I really thought they might review it, since they supposedly review all scores. Or, is that only TD's? That's...
  15. Cooley to IR?

    I think he was out 4 - 6 weeks because of his finger. He saw Dr. James Andrews yesterday who checked out his knee. That's probably what sent him to IR.
  16. Game Preview: Redskins at Panthers

    We will be at the game. Anybody else going?
  17. NFL Pickem: Week 6 Results

    RobinTom have been to Vegas, Tahoe, OTB, etc. & did not do nearly this well :( But, maybe we should give it a try with this streak we are on!
  18. NFL Week 6 Broadcast Maps

    Glad we will be at the game, so we don't have to watch the Panthers yet again. And, the Steelers.
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