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  1. Colt Brennan is dead Damn, does time fly.
  2. Deshaun Watson - In the hunt for a happy ending
  3. The Masked Singer

    Not sure if you guys already know about it, but it's basically a way for celebs with varying singing talents to expose themselves to the public after putting on a costume. And guessing the Black Swan shouldn't be too hard, because I spoiled her identity to all of you already.
  4. Gridiron Heights

    Gridiron Heights is a parody published weekly by Bleacher Report. They are short videos of approximately one minute making light of the latest NFL events. This week, the playoff chase in the AFC is parodied. A stuffed "Teamy" and "Peyton Barbie" are featured for our team.
  5. Reveal What Other Forums You Frequent

    Since this site is going to be going the ways of so many electrical power outages, why not reveal the other stomping grounds you go to that are still alive. I am periodically active on HFBoards with the same username as here. But, due to will not find me in the Capitals...
  6. Greetings all

    Hello all, fellow Redskins fans. This is the third Skins' message board I signed up with. My handle at the other forums is SirClintonPortis, but alas, it is one character too long, so I had to use an abbreviation of it.
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