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  1. Who are your top UDFA's?

    Chase is over.. He is signed apparently
  2. Rounds 4-7

    Unofficial UDFA list Washington Redskins Eain Smith, S, WVU Michael Shaw, RB, Michigan Chase Minnifield, CB, Virginia
  3. Official Game Thread - Redskkins vs. Giants

    My love of the Redskins never changes...But would love for them to change their ways against the Gints someday. Same as always early on.
  4. Grade the Game

    B- Above average for many of the reasons posted, however, the stall of drives in the redzone clipped the grade some, and the poor tackling on the pitt td clipped it more. Too reminiscent of recent teams past.
  5. Mcnabb Benched. Yeah! or What the hell?

    McNabb had a bad game...But he was getting swamped in the pocket. That definitely affected his decision making thoughout the proceeding. But replacing him makes no f'ing sense when there is no protection, and Grossman proved that. He was cold, got whacked, and immediately lost the ball...
  6. Bring back Hunter the Punter

    Sarge, you still got it. At your command..
  7. Bring back Hunter the Punter

    I read his workout went very well. Well, Bidwell got hurt in warmups, and ultimately there was nothing wrong (skeptical). And each game his performance starts optimal then degrades with each punt. I don't think he is going to make it through the season.
  8. same old patterns

    I agree with everything Henry hasn't said yet...just for the record.
  9. OF: Redskins vs Ravens - Game Day Wish List

    Somebody rubbed the wrong lamp.
  10. Redskins Insider: Malcolm Kelly's chances Saturday: 'very, very slim'

    This used to happen to Betts in TC...And then he would get 1 game in and he was safe. That was with different decision makers though.
  11. Om Field: Washington Redskins 42 - Buffalo Bills 17

    It was nice...I am going to feel good about that game no matter how inconsequential it was. How many times the last several years have the 'Skins looked like the Bills did last night in preseason. My team is on the other side of it this time..Hail. The Armstrong TD and the Davis TD were a...
  12. Om Field: Synaptic Shotgun 8.13.10 - GAME DAY

    They scored a lot of points early rather than later. They pushed the Bills around. Discipline and effort were evident. More green flags than red. Resurrection appears to be on schedule :)
  13. PFT: Deion labels Donovan deal "dumbest trade ever," coins new phrase in the process

    No...The reverse of that from what I read.
  14. DC Examiner: Campbell wasn't told of trade

    I get it Boone, but I tend to agree with this. The team came first, JC second. More drama to ensue I guess. JC will probably get his chance at revenge on another team.
  15. PFT: Donovan McNabb is headed to the Washington Redskins

    Perhaps a trade of Campbell and/or Carter will garner a third...Or an improbable trade down from 4th spot. McNabb hopefully gets extended, or it's a 1 year rental for 2 picks. Sounds familiar.
  16. This upcoming draft is not the 2000 draft..

    That's an interesting note...If a team is going to be aggressive, I think that points to more trades now without cap restrictions to get younger players instead of older FAs.
  17. This upcoming draft is not the 2000 draft..

    An uncapped season could bring more significant trades...This team could be reshaped quickly...And maybe be competitive sooner.
  18. So much for the Good Will towards Zorn and others

    You got that right. I think this makes it easier for decisions to be made actually. The players didn't like Vinny, and to celebrate they play like **** at home against a division opponent. Just when you think there is a lot than can be salvaged...
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